December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review

As promised, a look back on my year: definitely one of the most fulfilling and the hardest. I'm so excited because this year, I actually blogged consistently. If you remember back to my 2012 Year in Review post, I didn't blog at all from January through April.

 I buckled down and spent the month studying to take the biggest test of my life: the dreaded NCLEX. Read about my time spent doing this here, here, & here.

I took a trip to the Mall of America with my brother & sister. I hadn't been there since the 3rd grade (& I live in MN!).

I developed a serious Starbucks problem.


I received a super sweet comment from an Anonymous reader that made my day.

I shared my love for my sisterhood.

I had a much needed GNO (Girls Night Out, for you non-Hannah Montana types!).


I pondered what not standing up for something unjust could lead to when an influential teacher at my high school was wrongly fired.

I took the dreaded NCLEX exam on February 6th.

I shared my beauty must-haves.

My dream was realized when I found out I passed the NCLEX and was officially a Registered Nurse.

I gave advice on studying and taking the NCLEX.


I celebrated 4 years of blogging.

I shared about my blogging choices & a new blog feature: Notes on Nursing and introduced you all to Misty, Amy, Jackie, & Jenny Beth. (By the way, so fun to go read the interviews with these wonderful ladies & then see where they are at now! Misty & Amy are now rockin' RNs, Jackie moved to Nashville to work.) 

I shared about my toxic friendship from high school. 

We all found out Google Reader was going to die in July and freaked out.

I told you all about my jacked up ear.

My family and I went to the Little Big Town/David Nail concert.

I introduced you to Stephanie, Courtney, Chelsea M., & Chelsea F. in Notes on Nursing.

Lift others up today with your words and actions.

I shared some of my favorite One Tree Hill episodes.

I made the wrong decision and had to right it.

I came up with some cute summer fashion ideas.

Minnesota received almost 14 inches of snow in the beginning of May. Talk about a bummer.

I paid tribute to the teachers who have inspired me.

I celebrated Mother's Day weekend with a baby shower.

Like, oh my gosh, this is definitely blog worthy!

I went back down to Luther to watch the rest of my nursing family get pinned and catch up with my December grads.

College senior or new grad? Here's some advice.

I introduced you to Ashley & Erin in Notes on Nursing. And, hey!, if you're a nursing student, new grad, or a RN/LPN and want to be featured, let me know! Or if you were featured before & want to update everyone, that works too!

Even you can learn some lessons from One Tree Hill.

To Skinny or Not to Skinny? That is the question.

I introduced you to Brandi, Lauren, & Whitney in Notes on Nursing.

We all made mistakes in 2000.

Anyone wanna take me to these great places?

Big Brother was in full force and I wrote about it here and here.

We welcomed a new cousin into the family: Brynn Elizabeth.

I started nannying and fell in love with it.

I took a road trip along Southeastern Minnesota & Southwestern Wisconsin.

If you plan on being admitted to the hospital soon, read this.

I shared some of my favorite things and how music & memories are connected for me.

The art of balancing blogging and life was revealed.

I moved my brother and sister back into college and shared some tips for moving day.

Everyone and their mother blogged about the VMAs and so did I.

 Dear Aaryn Gries....

Brooke Davis and Haley James-Scott gave you fashion advice.

My blog changed.

Miranda and I became BFF when I wrote an ode to her.

Do you remember the 21st night of September?

My family and I went to the Renaissance and it poured.


The real life of a nursing school graduate.

I became actively involved in #NOMORE and told you all about a different kind of scary.

Fall fashion is my favorite!

 Glee aired its tribute episode to Cory Monteith and it sparked inspiration in me to write about grief.

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 Superlatives are more than just things you wait for in high school.

I actually went out for Halloween weekend!

Women really should stop doing these ten things.

"Do not stare at a red dot and say the whole painting is just one color."

I chopped my hair off.

I expressed my disdain for Miss Swift.

Thanksgiving celebrations with family are awesome.

I showed you all what Christmas was like for me as a kid.

I wrote a review of my favorite book and received tremendous support for it.

Empowerment and love are wonderful feelings.

2013 brought with it a lot of great songs, well-received blog posts, and lots of highs and lows. Can't wait to see what 2014 brings: it can only be up from here!

Thanks for sticking with myself & Sweet Silver Lining this year. Have a wonderful and SAFE New Year's Eve & Day and I will be back in 2014!

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  1. Looks like a great year! Can't wait to see was 2014 has in store!

  2. Love the re-cap!! I hope you have a great 2014!