March 6, 2013

Blogging Choices

I know some bloggers do a post about tips of what you should do or not do as a blogger. Instead of doing recommendations on what to do, I thought I would do a little post about some of the choices I've made as a blogger to show you what I've decided to do. By no means is this what you should necessarily do; everyone makes different decisions that's right for them.

1. I'm not a No-Reply Blogger.
It's easiest for me if I comment with my e-mail address attached to my name so I can get any replies right to my e-mail. I don't have the time (or enough memory) to go back to all the blogs I comment on to see if they responded. I love it when people who comment on my blog have their e-mail address linked up so I can reply to them. Truth be told, I don't reply to no-reply commenters because I think it clutters up the comment section too much & I don't know if they stop back to check.

To find out how to fix your no-reply blogger status, click here for a tutorial.

2. Sponsorship Options
I know some people have said these are pointless because many times, it doesn't get you much exposure, but I have seen the opposite in regards to my blog. I've never paid for an ad space myself. All the ads I currently have on different blogs are either swaps or spaces that I have won through giveaways. Some of the blogs I have noticed that I have gained the most exposure from are Southern Sunflowers & Coffee Beans, Purrincup, My Three Bittles, and Jessica Who. I decided to use Passionfruit on my blog to make it easier to have blogs on my sidebar. I always offer a good sized swap option for free, plus my VIP space with special features for $5. I struggled with what to charge, but I thought $5 was a nice round number and relatively inexpensive for what it includes compared to other blogs similar to mine. And if you care enough to be reading this, here's a promo code for 50% off my VIP ad space: BLOGLOVE

3. E-mail Footer
Many bloggers have a separate blog e-mail from their personal one. I, however, do not. I've had two e-mails in the past and it's just too much for me to keep up with, so I continue to use my Luther e-mail for both personal and blog correspondence. Many bloggers have footers that include links to their blog, facebook, twitter, etc. Because I use my e-mail for personal use, I only include a link to my blog if I am corresponding for blog purposes. My footer says Breanna F___, R.N., BAN and includes my cell phone number. Many probably disagree about my including my cell phone if I am sending mail to a blogger I don't really know, but I want the girls I am talking with to feel like I am open with them and willing to create a relationship. So if you have received e-mails with my cell phone number in it: text me if you would like. Really. If I find you creepy or using it for stalker purposes, I will block your number, but I think most of us bloggers aren't murderers or something?

4.  "Hi. My name is Breanna and I have a blog."
So I think a lot of bloggers struggle with this. At least I like to think so. Telling your real-life friends and family that you are a blogger. It's just strange and weird and maybe a little embarrassing? Kind of like introducing two of your best friends to each other when they don't know one another? I never told anyone for probably close to 3 or 3 1/2 years that I had a blog. None of my IRL friends/family read it. Zero. I gradually began mentioning by happenstance that, oh yeah, on my blog.... or I won this through blogging.... Which was usually followed up with "You have a blog?". I always kind of felt myself get red in the face. Is there a problem with having a blog? Does it make me stalker-ish or gossipy? When I created a Facebook page for my blog a few months ago, some of my IRL friends/family started liking the page. My first thought? Oh my gosh. This is so embarrasing! I've kind of come to grips with it. A little bit. 

5. Blog Connect
Have you heard about a new blogging forum that Helene created? It is genius and I love it. Tons of great tips, tricks and advice from amazing bloggers! Remember to create an account before you start posting; no anonymous posts!

6. Blog Features/Link-ups
Some bloggers say not to do too many link-ups. I have a couple that I almost always participate in: Nursing Wednesday, Happies & Crappies, Sunday Social, Mingle Monday, & Music Mix-up/Swap. I've found that a lot of my followers have found me through these link-ups.

Also, some exciting news: I am coming out with a new feature on my blog called Notes on Nursing. Yes, the feature is named after the founder of nursing, Florence Nightingale's famous book. This feature is a Q & A with nurses and nursing students and will feature them, their nursing career, and their blog. I'm really excited about this new venture & hope some of you nurses and nursing students will find this helpful and/or interesting. The first feature will be on Thursday. I have a list of nurses and nursing students in mind I want to feature hopefully in the future, but if you are interested, leave a comment or e-mail me at

What blogging choices have you made that are frowned upon, controversial, or something that worked well for you?

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  1. The notes on nursing idea is very cool. I am sure it will be helpful to nursing students and nurses alike.

  2. I Love this post! Thank you for doing it.

  3. This was a great post! I'm new to blogging so I can relate with not wanting anyone to know about it. Only one person knows and I have sworn him to secrecy.

  4. Great post! I have a hard time telling people about my blog in real life too! & I totally understand about the link-ups, today for instance, I have three link-ups I want to participate in, random wednesday, insta+lately and oh how pinteresting, I guess if that makes me lose followers, so be it, but I like doing all three.

  5. I found your blog through an ad, so, they totally work. :) Glad I found ya', love your blog! :)

  6. i only get the ads for free or the ones i win. i just don't really do that otherwise. i love to reply in email also. and i keep all my blog private. i don't promote it on my facebook or anything. i just don't want people in real life to see. cause its like my place.

  7. thank you so much for touting blog connect!!! i really really appreciate it! great tips!!

  8. I love this post! I feel the same way about no reply comments. I don't like to reply in my comments so I don't! I'd love to swap buttons with you if you are interested.

  9. I would be totally down with hooking up for nursing stuff! not sure if I would have anything fun to share.but it would still be cool

  10. I'm purposely a no-reply blogger...I just read SO many blogs that my email would be clogged with comments! And most of my friends/family still don't know I have a blog!

    The Tiny Heart

  11. Just found your blog and I'm following you now: Curious to know why some people say not to do too many linkups. I just found you through a linkup! I'd like to say that they work.