November 26, 2013

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

I have a bone to pick with one Miss Taylor Swift.

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I'll be honest: I still do listen to her music. In fact, I actually enjoy it. Well, the recorded versions. Not live.

I've been annoyed by T. Swift for quite some time now. Her awkward stances. Her fumbling through shocked gratitude. I mean, hello, you're soon-to-be 24 years old. It's not cute anymore.

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But what really irks me is her affiliation with country music.

She was a country music singer. Was being the operative word here. I remember when she first came out: a 16 year old girl with cowboy boots, super curly hair, and singing all her own songs. America fell in love. And so did I.

But her newest album, Red, is not one ounce country. Not even a little bit. That ish is straight up Pop/Rock. In fact, when I uploaded Red into my iTunes (yes, I own it. Like I said, I don't mind her music), it categorized itself automatically as Country.


I went in and changed it to Pop.

The American Music Awards the other night are what really threw me off the edge with Miss Swift.

She was nominated for Best Country Album (and won.) and Best Pop/Rock Album. Yes, Justin Timberlake was also nominated for Best Pop/Rock Album and Best Soul/R&B Album. But either way, I don't think it's fair to be nominated under two entirely different genre categories. I love me some JT, but I still don't think it's fair.

And then Taylor won Best Country Female. Against Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood.

Aw hell no!

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You can definitely tell an award show like this is fan-voted. All the little teenyboppers rally around Taylor and vote for her. Watch the CMA's or ACM's. They are voted on by industry professionals. Taylor never wins anything there anymore. 

I don't know. Maybe I'm just getting old and don't appreciate the youth of America these days and what they're (skewed) opinions are.

So, I'm sorry Taylor, but We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Like ever.


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  1. AMEN! I will listen to her music, but it definitely isn't country anymore, and I totally agree with the being 24 thing and acting all awkward and surprised, is not cute anymore.

  2. I agree completely! She is NOT country any more, and she shouldn't win any country categories!!

  3. I'm on board with all of this. I feel very much like she's just faking things to get reactions. Doesn't sit well with me in real life and doesn't sit well in celebrity world either!

  4. Ha! This made me laugh out loud.Taylor has really lost her greatness, but I still know all her songs. I can't help it!


  5. omg! agreed! i'm cool with t swizzle in the pop culture music genre. but i cringe every time i see her at these country music award shows. she is so not country...anymore. it makes me sad that all these country artists are embracing her and keeping her around. p.s. i second that awkward fumbling nonsense that the does is not cute. who keeps encouraging that?!!