September 4, 2013

Ignorance, Hatred, & Forgiveness

If you're a Big Brother viewer, you no doubt saw last week's exit interview with evictee, Aaryn Gries. Without a doubt, it was one of the most confrontational and crazy interviews in BB history. Julie did not back down, reading word for word Aaryn's racist and homophobic remarks and asking all the hard questions. Despite some people berating Aaryn during her eviction, including the audience laughing, scoffing, and booing her, I would like to talk to Aaryn myself in an open letter to her. While I don't condone racism or homophobia, here are my thoughts and what I would like her to know:

Aaryn Gries, Julie Chen


I don't hate you. Despite much of the negativity, hatred, and cruelty you faced and will continue to face following your eviction from the Big Brother 15 house, I don't hate you. I feel bad for you and hope that this experience in the BB house truly did open your eyes to some of the things you said and your actions from earlier in the season.

See, contrary to some beliefs, racism is still rampant in this country. Be it the 1960's or 2013, people get hurt by the hateful words spewed by other people, whether they were intentional or not. There aren't any excuses for vicious attacks on others. Even though you may be Southern, this doesn't constitute racial or homophobic remarks.

I know you probably felt attacked from out of nowhere during your exit interview. And I can only imagine how audience laughs, scoffs, and boos made you feel immediately after being evicted by your fellow houseguests. While I don't disagree with how Julie asked you those questions (because they really did need to be asked), I feel some people could have behaved a little more maturely. Hate isn't cleared up with more hate.

I commend Candice, Howard, Helen, & Andy for being the bigger people & not attacking you after some of your comments about them. They handled themselves in a mature and admirable fashion. I know you probably don't personally hate any of the houseguests. But the manner you act in and the words you used could have been chosen more wisely.

I honestly hope that when you watch the Big Brother episodes back and read some of what you had said in the house, you see clearly that they weren't the best way to handle the situations you were in. I think you truly will regret those choices and hope you see that things need to change. Apologizing profusely will only get you so far. It is up to us, the viewers of Big Brother, to be mature and learn to forgive.

Oh, and Aaryn? Those two modeling contracts that dropped you? Don't sweat it. While you may have had it coming those first few weeks in the house, and while it may be upsetting, it's not the end of the word. You're a beautiful girl and will have plenty of options in the future, granted your intentional or otherwise words of hate change.

I wish you the best.


P.S.: Kudos on your gameplay. Hands down, you were one of the best players this season by winning HOH practically every other week. I'm not too big to say I was totally wrong about your game in my preseason predictions. You most definitely weren't "carried" to jury.

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  1. That was rough to watch, I think Aaryn handled herself very well in the exit interview. I think she was genuinely sorry for how she came off, we'll see how jury plays out!

  2. Definitely my favorite Big Brother moment (and as a life feeder, there have been a lot of moments that I'll never forget). I think Julie handled it perfectly, and the audience got a little mean but I think she needed it.

    It's sad that she thinks she "came off a certain way". I watched her say what all those things and more and she meant them maliciously, she knew what she was saying and just started backtracking once she was confronted (by more people than just Amanda). I'm glad she realized that the things she said weren't okay, they weren't cute and they weren't funny. I think she really did change, but I think she was shocked that BB actually showed it -- If you think about it, so was the audience!

    Anywho. Love Big Brother. And you :)