September 9, 2013

Season of Change

Welcome to the brand new Sweet Silver Lining!!

 I am so happy with the final look of my blog. And even more happy and proud that I did it all myself. It took about a week to figure everything out, but I've slowly come to learn how design works (at least for me). I really tried simplifying the whole blog look. I was getting sick of the peach background because of different icons & pictures, etc always having a white background. I thought it was starting to look a bit tacky. And, truth be told, I was getting sick of looking at my blog. Things get old after a while and I'm one of those people that get stir crazy with the same things happening day after day. So it was time for a change.

I've really been into the "tribal" feel lately, so I knew I wanted black and white to be the main colors with accents of pink, blue, orange, and green. I hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do.

I'm also in the process of (hopefully) opening an Etsy shop to help others with design elements on their blog. If you're at all interested, feel free to e-mail me ( and let me know. Prices would be pretty cheap since I am new at the designing thing. And by no means am I a professional graphic designer or anything, but simple designs are do-able!

With this whole "season of change" thing, I'm trying to adapt a (slightly) more laid-back lifestyle. Being a nursing school graduate, I am Type A, for sure. You kind of have to be to get through nursing school. And I will always have the need for organization and well-laid plans. But I've noticed myself as being in a constant state of stress, mostly due to my not having a job 9 months out from graduating. But I am constantly working on changing my employment status and, even though that layer of stress will always be there in regards to loans and not having a job, I need to relax and let things happen (hopefully soon). Please keep your fingers crossed for some wheels to turn in regards to applications I just put in this past weekend!

But, let me just say, it is totally do-able to create a cute outfit on a budget! Everything I wore this weekend was clearance, thrifted, or free. Awesome!

Top: Target // Tank: Forever 21 // Shorts: Thrifted // Necklace: Adie's Lovelies

 This weekend was the beginning of trying to be more laid-back, except it was a pretty lazy one! My mom & I went grocery shopping. If there is a Cub Foods in your area, there are some great deals, including a 12 pack of Cameron's Coffee Keurig cups for $4.99 with coupon. They had some awesome flavors. I purchased Chocolate Caramel Brownie and I made it yesterday afternoon along with a Green Mountain Iced Coffee k-cup. I let it sit in the fridge overnight and had some today with a dash of Fat-Free French Vanilla creamer and OH MY GOSH - it was delightful!

To further show you my nerdiness, there were also some great documentaries on this weekend. Saturday night, CBS showed Teach, which was so great. As a former Education major, I really have a place in my heart for teachers and all they do. Sunday, TLC was showing two documentaries on 9/11: Heroes of the 88th Floor and Emergency Room. I highly recommend all three!

My Great Aunt was in town on Sunday for her 50th class reunion of her nursing class. It was great hearing some of her stories in nursing!

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  1. congratulations on the new blog look...its really cute and sassy!

  2. The new designs looks great! You did a great job. I love the simple elegant look. Thinking of changing mine up to be more simple!

  3. Nice blog look! Clean and simple :)

  4. Loving the new blog background! It looks great :)

  5. Your blog looks fantastic. A laid back lifestyle sounds fabulous :)