September 10, 2013

Big Brother: A Check-In

We are just about a week out from the finale of Big Brother 15 (SAD DAY!) and this season has been.....interesting, to say the least.

I thought I'd do a "check-in" with the final 5. Back in June, I wrote my predictions and thoughts on the cast & needless to say, some houseguests let me down and some far exceeded my expectations of them!

 photo Andy_zps3eba0baa.jpg

June: I love him! Funny, likeable, and smart: all of which can play to his advantage in the BB house. I totally want to be his BFF! I can actually see him making it relatively far, granted his relationships in the house don't get in the way & he can keep his intelligence underwraps (at least for the time being).

September: As predicted, he's very likable in the house and has made it far. But I don't like the way he has played this game. He hasn't won anything and has generally "floated" his way to the final five. 

 photo Spencer_zpse267f506.jpg 

June: Super laid back & I think the houseguests will all love him. He's also a long-time fan of the show, so he knows what's going on, but I'm not sure if he will do well competition-wise, which could be his downfall. He'll either be eliminated early on or make it really far.

September: He hasn't done too well competition-wise, but it hasn't been his downfall. He really hasn't done much except sit on the nomination block seven (record-breaking) times as a pawn. He rubs me the wrong way most of the time, so I wouldn't like to see him win.

 photo GinaMarie_zps7e1aa1ea.jpg 

June: Did she mean to audition for the Real Housewives??? Can't stand her already. Hate her dress too. I can see her and Elissa butting heads a lot. She might be the first one out, if she can't tone down her personality.

September: Did I or did I not predict her butting heads with Elissa? She was far from the first one out. And, even though I don't condone her actions and words of racism and hatred, I hope she makes it to the final three. Who would have thought I would say that back in June?!

 photo Judd_zpsb8de2ff1.jpg 

June: Another superfan of BB! Huge southern guy and I like him. I think he has a real shot of going to the final 3, if not winning the whole thing. And he's pretty cute too!

September: Despite being eliminated, he beat the odds and is back in the house. He's, by far, my favorite houseguest that is left in the final five and I hope he wins the whole thing!

 photo McCraw_zps102bb23e.jpg 

June: He's one of the biggest BB fans - up there with Ian from last season. And he's from Minnesota! So more automatic points in my book. He has a super likeable personality too. He kind of scares me though. I think he'll make it to (or close to) the finals.

September: As predicted, he has made it very far and still has a huge shot at winning the whole thing. He pulls out competition wins when he needs to and knows how to lay low (unlike his other half, Amanda). I would have never predicted he would be the showmance of the season, but, against all odds, it has worked to his advantage because Amanda was so much more outspoken than him. I didn't really like his actions in the house, but I hope he pulls out second place.

What are your final Big Brother predictions?

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  1. I want McCrae to win and Judd to get second. I hope GM gets eliminated this week, but that means McCrae needs to win the POV!

  2. This is the worst season ever. I want a do-over.