September 11, 2013

What's Your Opinion?

I recently won a huge chunk of money to Ulta. I've finally decided that I need to buy a Naked Palette from Urban Decay!

Funny thing is I only recently started wearing eyeshadow.

Back when I first started wearing makeup around 6th grade, I always wore the same brown colored eyeshadow. I think it was the NYC brand. Cheap and I thought I was hot shit. I wore that same brown eyeshadow for a good two years.

Then, of course, by 8th grade, I was in a major black eyeliner faze (like everyone else in my class). Want proof?

Okay, so you can't see it really well in this atrocious picture, but trust me. Raccoon eyes.

In high school, I hardly ever wore makeup except on major events and/or holidays. And my staples in early college were lip gloss and mascara.

In the past two years or so, I feel like I've perfected the smokey eye that works for me and started to love wearing eyeshadow.

Which brings me full circle to: I need a Naked Palette. The question I have for you is which one should I get! The Naked Palette or the Naked 2 Palette. Help!

Which one should I buy? 
Did you ever go through some embarrassing makeup fazes?

  photo Sig_zpsd9daa49c.png


  1. I personally like the Naked palette better!

  2. I would go with the original Naked palette also. While your there, you might want to look at the Lorac Pro Palette which people think is better than the UD Naked palettes, and its cheaper.

  3. It's all personal preference and skin tone. The Naked 2 is darker colors and more noticeable shimmers, which is what I prefer because I go heavy on my eyes and light on my lips. And I like sparkle :) Both are great though, I really love them. I also love the Stila palettes! In the Light I think it's called is my favorite.

  4. I like Naked better, but both would be a great choice. Love the new design on your blog!