November 18, 2013

25th Birthday Blog Bash Day 1: Dream Wishlist [Target Giveaway]

You all know by now that my 25th birthday is tomorrow, right? No? What?!

That's totally fine; you still have 24 hours to get me my present. And I really don't mind if they arrive a little late. Delayed gratification or something like that.

You don't know what to get me? Well, have no fear, ladies (and maybe gentlemen?). Here is a wish list I have compiled of things I would gladly accept. Now I know some of the things may seem a little much, really isn't that much to ask for, right? And I so would have included 25 things because I'm cheesy like that, but that seems like a little much.

1. A job

"Really, Breanna? You're asking for a job, to work, for your birthday?"
Yes, imaginary human being chastising me, yes. I love the career I've chosen for myself and want to gets ta working! And I know some of you blog nurses have some pull in your place of employment ;) Bribery always works, don't deny it.

2. Boot socks

Cable Boot Socks

I may or may not know that I am getting a specific pair of things you wear on your feet for my birthday from my momma. And how cute would these look with them?!

3.Hello There Sweatshirt Top

Cute & comfy & currently on clearance at

4. A road trip with my best friends around the United States. Okay, maybe you can tag along too if you get me this. I'm not picky. You'd probably bring a good time too.

5. A donation to the Joyful Heart Foundation, whose mission is to "heal, educate, & empower victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, & child abuse and to shed light into the darkness that surround these issues". They do great things to offer support and retreats for survivors.

6. Bath & Body Works candles

I have an obsession with them and a budget that does not coincide with that obsession. Most scents will do, but I would really love you if you got me: Twisted Peppermint, Eucalyptus Mint, Spiced Wreath, Warm Vanilla Sugar, or Mint Chocolate.

7. Old Navy Pajama Pants


Why are they so comfy? And doesn't it sound heavenly to cuddle up with your PJ pants on, light your B&BW candle, and read a book? 

8. Tickets to the Lady Antebellum concert up in St. Paul in February.

I would probably marry you if you got me this, just so you know.

9. An iPad

If only for the convenience of blogging on a whim wherever I am. You see: iPad for me = a better blog for you to read. Makes total sense.

10. Unlimited Wishes.

I'm totally not putting this on here to be selfish (well, maybe a little...), but how cool would it be to have unlimited wishes so you could give whoever you wanted something they want/need. Your mom wants a new house? BAM! That homeless guy standing by Walmart needs somewhere warm for winter? BAM! You need a pedicure? NO PROBLEM! You ran out of money for Starbucks and need a pick me up? Why, there's $5!

For my first unlimited wish, some of my blog friends & I are giving one of you readers $25 to Target, a place that you could totally buy me some of these things off my list! Fine, and yourself a stylin' wardrobe too!

Terms & Conditions: The Cliffnotes Version
- Only open to U.S. residents.
- Must reply to e-mail within 48 hours to claim prize or it will be given to someone else.
- If you are not honest with your entries, all of your entries will be deleted. Honesty's the best policy!
- Each giveaway will be open for 3 days, so get your entries in!

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  1. I hope you get everything on your list! Unlimited wishes especially. Happy almost birthday!

  2. Stationary/office/crafts! Thank you for allowing me to join in on the fun!

  3. The dollar spot is always my first go-to! Happy birthday :)

  4. Happy almost birthday! I practically live at Target...I start at the dollar spot & work my way around the entire store!

  5. I love wandering through the clothing section!

  6. I love the office supplies!