January 30, 2013

Nursing Wednesday

Time for another Nursing Link Up with Anna @ The Days When I'm Not a Nurse & her new partner, Paige @ A Dose of Paige!
This month's topic? TEST DAY! 
Ugh...just thinking about it makes me stressed out.
I've always been a good student & having to take Microbiology as a prerequisite into the Nursing major at my school gave me a swift kick in the behind.
No matter how much I studied. No matter how much effort I put into that class, I still only just barely passed with a C+. Woah, baby.
However, once I actually got into the nursing major, I was back to my normal "good grade" self. I never had to study much for my first nursing class.
Then, those darn lab tests started. You know the type: perform the assessments you pick out of a hat on your practice patient (aka best friend) you brought in with you. 
I was literally scared straight and so nervous for, like, 2 weeks straight!
Luckily, I did really well (I would hope! I studied like crazy!). Although, my "patient" had supposedly "hurt" one of her legs and when I asked "How is your leg feeling?", my friend replies "It's been hurting a lot lately." to which my naive, first-year-of-nursing self replies "Oh, well that's not good." My friend later told me that my prof snicked a little bit when I said that. Baha.
Second year of nursing came with much harder tests and I actually had to study a lot! And it paid off!
Then graduation comes and those dreaded NCLEX questions. I am currently in the process of studying for my NCLEX exam. I take it exactly a week from today. I am scared out of my mind. Basically, "typical" NCLEX scores for practice tests are from 60-65%. Like, that's what your typical student gets. On my practice tests, I've been averaging a 62-ish% or so. But I'm super nervous that isn't enough!
I can't wait to get my last real Nursing test done with & find out I passed!
Those of you who have taken (and passed!) NCLEX, any advice besides take as many practice questions as possible?
If you're still in Nursing school, what has your hardest class been so far?


  1. if it's anything like the social work test, the practice tests are harder than the real thing!

  2. I am in my third term of LPN school, then next year move forward into RN.. My hardest class thus far has to be nursing of adults. Holy buckets, that was stressful & really made me questioned if nursing was right for me. We had a new teacher that had never taught the class before, so that didn't help either!
    I think the biggest anxiety provoking part of nursing school is the exams, but in even more detail the fact that we are given study guides & in most cases, the study guide has no relation to the actual exam!
    Good luck on your NCLEX, I'm nervous about that too (i'll be taking it this summer!) Look forward to reading the post about how it went & the results!!

  3. good luck girl! keep doing those practice questions and follow good study-skill advice!

  4. Good luck with your NCLEX! How exciting that you are so close to being done. I have so much work to do. I would love to get my RN and work in Labor and Delivery. Love your blog, newest follower.

  5. Breanna, GOOD LUCK! You show that NCLEX who's boss! Stay clam, don't psych yourself out. :) you'll do great. (and THANK YOU for linking up!)

  6. Hey! Recently found your blog- thought I would share. I am an RN of 3 1/2 years. The NCLEX is all about practice practice practice. And learn your drug families. I had a question about a beta-blocker that I had never heard of but because I knew about beta-blockers, I could answer the question appropriately. I am sure you'll do great. Another thing- if you find yourself getting a lot more questions than you had anticipated, don't psych yourself out into thinking you have already failed. Good luck! :)

  7. For my physical assessment skills check off for my 2nd semester, I misspoke about where the posterior tibial pulse was and corrected myself before the instructor could, and she still failed me. She said it was so I'd always know where it was but now, to this day, I get it mixed up in my head! Before then, I knew it but I just misspoke. *sigh*

    I'm super nervous for the NCLEX! I have to take it in 6 months! EEP!

    Thanks for linking up!