July 10, 2013

Playing Favorites

I was commenting on a blog post for a giveaway & it asked you to name your 5 favorite things. I typed them in & then it occurred to me....why haven't I wrote a blog post about this? So here we are. I'm a little desperate for topic ideas at the moment. I always go through ups & downs with figuring out what to write (like most bloggers tend to do). I'll have a week or two where I am on and cranking out some awesome posts practically every day. Then I'll have two weeks of pointless rants.

This can probably be considered a pointless rant. I nanny on Thursday & Friday this week, so maybe I'll have motivation, inspiration, or fun content on those days, who knows!

So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite things (an extended list because I can't exclude these!). Also, this is really just an excuse to use a bunch of pictures. I like pictures.

1. Country Music
Seriously, is there anything better than country music festivals? Sitting in an open field in shorts, a tank top, & cowboy boots or flip flops. Soaking up the sun, eating greasy food, drinking copious amounts of booze. Rocking out to multiple country music acts. One of the funnest things I can think of! Unfortunately, I'm not going to any this summer because I can't afford it.


 Regular concerts will also do it for me. Heck, sitting around drinking & listening to country music works too!

2. Sparkles
Definitely my real favorite color. If it has glitter or sparkles, I usually want it. Everytime I do my nails, it has some sort of glitter or glittery looking part. When I was in junior high & high school, I used to buy those little pots of Bonne Bell baby blue glitter & apply it to my upper lash line on my eyes for dances, football games, etc. I used to glitter all the time.

3. Coffee
You probably know this if you follow me on Instagram. I think half of my pictures are my dog and the other half are coffee cups. I used to only occasionally drink the Frappucinos I would get from Starbucks & that was the extent of my coffee consumption. Enter nursing school. I started drinking it occasionally with a lot of creamer and ice and flavoring for a pick-me-up if I was tired. That soon progressed to pouring it, black & strong, into a travel mug, throwing a little milk and creamer in and guzzling it down. Oh and I am now addicted to Starbucks & am 6 or 7 stars away from gold status. And want to know something cool? I haven't paid out of pocket for Starbucks since October 2012. Yep, 9 months of free coffee. Thank you, generous blog giveaways!




4. Shopping
Even if I don't buy anything, going to Target or a clothing store or really anywhere except Walmart makes me happy. This will probably be a problem when I have a steady income coming in. Online shopping is also a problem because I love getting packages in the mail. Just yesterday, I bought a liter of Chi Infra shampoo, Ultimate Blonde conditioner, and Moroccan Argan Oil travel size from Ulta (in my defense there was a sale, a $3.50 coupon, & I had a $10 gift card so I paid less than $20 for all that!) and a phone cover from Amazon (hey, I had a gift card there too & it was less than $7!). See? Problem.

5. Summer Thunderstorms at night
We had one on Sunday night! But it was really just more like a light shower. I like when you can hear rumbles of thunder. Not any tornados or hail or anything. But I like a thunderstorm on a warm night.

6. Hanging out with family & friends
I have the best friends & family and I bet they rival yours.

7. Nashville
This could never be excluded from a list of my favorite things. I don't know if I ever said this on here before, but being there, I felt more like "myself" if that makes any sense. I submitted a general application to Vanderbilt (if you have followed my blog for awhile, I applied to their nurse residency program back in September, but didn't get in) just to see. I can't wait to go back!

8. Ford
I'm obsessed with my puppy dog. Kisses, morning & evening cuddles. I even give him hugs! He's my little Ferdy Bird!

9. Luther College




10. Blogging
Despite my writers block every once in a while, I love blogging. It calms me down & helps me relax. And I enjoy writing about things I love. I can tell the difference between when I first started blogging versus now. My older posts seem like I'm writing to impress someone. Now, I love if people like my post & leave comments (read Helene's post on commenting) or if I get a lot of pageviews (I've recently discovered Pinterest has done wonders to up my pageviews!), but, as long as my post interests me, I'm okay.

What are some of your favorite things?

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  1. What a great list of favorites. I like country music and every once in a while will find myself on a country only kick when I listen to music.
    I'm surprised your blog title doesn't have something to do with sparkles or glitter! LOL

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  2. I agree with all of these! (Well minus your college, but I know the feeling.) Even your dog, yes. I'm in love with Nashville without ever having gone. I desperately need to.