July 9, 2013

Racism, Sex, & Catfights: Big Brother 15

Yep, that basically describes this season of Big Brother & it makes me sick.
Before the premiere of this season, I gave you my first opinions on all of the houseguests. Time for an update!

First off, I correctly predicted that David wouldn't last long. Just like Braden in BB 11.

My favorites so far this season are Elissa, Helen, Andy, McCrae, Amanda, Howard, & Candice.
My can't stands? Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, & Spencer. I so badly wanted to like Kaitlin, as she's a fellow Minnesota girl, but her "mean girl" attitude is rubbing me the wrong way. Not to mention she jumped on Jeremy before they had even been there for 2 weeks!

But what really rubs me the wrong way about them is their utter disrespect & ugliness. The racist, sexist, and homophobic remarks that they so carelessly spewed disgust me.

I'm not going to repeat what they said on here, but it has made its way to Reality Blurred, Zap2It, CNN, NPR (definitely recommend reading this one! Even though I love Big Brother, this is a very well-written article), Today, E! Online, Fox News, & Huffington Post. You can click those links to read the articles that were printed about all the hate making its way through the house. Did CBS respond? Well, only to say the houseguests opinions were not theirs. Are they going to address it on the show? I can say with 95% certainty, probably not.*** Should they? Most people say yes. Former Big Brother 12 cast member Ragan Fox wrote an open letter to the producers of Big Brother as well, which you can read here.

What makes it even more annoying is that this "Mean Girls" clique think that America must love them & hate Elissa.

***Update: On Sunday's show, the producers did put together a 3 minute segment with a montage of a few of the remarks made by Aaryn & GinaMarie. They also asked some houseguests what they thought about the remarks. 

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This past week, it has come out that Aaryn has been let go from her modeling contracts at Zephyr Talent & Bella Petite because of her remarks. GinaMarie has also been fired from her pageant coordinator job with East Coast USA Pageant, Inc. because of what she has said.

Enough about this though, here's my updates on the cast. No "spoilers" will be stated in my opinions, for the benefit of those who don't watch the live feeds. I do know who this week's HOH, Nominees, & MVP are, but I don't want to spoil it for those who don't want to know.

First opinion: Sweet & Likeable
Now: Ugly & hated. I think she's probably one of the most-hated houseguests in Big Brother history. She will be in for a rude awakening upon leaving the house. And she thinks she's going to get MVP more than once? What a shame that she's not going to get it AT ALL.

First opinion: Funny, likeable, & smart.
Now: I still feel the same. One of my favorites. He has the ability to make everyone think he's friends with them. He's playing a phenomenal social game.

First opinion: Either an airhead or super smart.
Now: Well, at least I now know she really is an airhead. Her Minnesota girl status didn't help her much because she really is a mean girl & I am ashamed to be from the same state as her.

First opinion: Laid back and likeable.
Now: I think so far he's been a pretty neutral player. Not really a target yet. But I don't like him. He has also used plenty of ugly language.

First opinion: Eye candy, well-spoken, & ability to make final 3.
Now: I still agree with everything I said. We haven't really seen him much so far, which is good: he's keeping a low profile & is trying not to win any competitions or draw attention to himself. People like him & he's playing one of the best games so far.

First opinion: Pretty with a strong personality.
Now: Who would have thought her & McCrae would be one of the showmances of the season?! Some people can't stand her, but I personally love her! Yes, she did use a homophobic slur earlier this season...and was promptly put in her place by McCrae. Everytime I see her, I think of Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum. She has an uncanny resemblance to her.

First opinion: Potential to be annoying. Needs to keep her Rachel connection quiet.
Now: Well, that didn't last long. The houseguests knew within a few days of being in the house that she was Rachel's sister, which, as predicted, but a huge target on her back. However, I love her and I think America likes her so far too. She won MVP the first week. I feel bad for her & how much some of the girls are picking on her.

First opinion: Likeable, but an easy target.
Now: She was nominated the first week, which fit in with my prediction that she was an easy target. Luckily, she survived because I love her. She's also been keeping a pretty low profile since she came off the block from Veto. I hope she makes it far.

First opinion: Smart, but could be targeted for her brains. Downfall will be missing family.
Now: She's already had a few breakdowns and expressed how much she misses her husband and kids, as predicted. She's playing a good social game in that she's taken on the "mother figure" of the group and people come to her to vent.

GinaMarie aka GM
First opinion: Annoying & will butt heads with Elissa.
Now: Did I or did I not predict her spot on? So annoying & hates Elissa. She is also probably one of the most-hated houseguests in Big Brother history. I wish she wouldn't have teamed up with Nick because I actually semi-like him. She's already had multiple breakdowns & has threatened to leave the house. I wish she would just do it already.

First opinion: Southern boy, likeable, & ability to make it far.
Now: I still believe all of the above. J-U-Double D Party Darty has been keeping a pretty low profile lately. His voice/accent is kind of annoying sometimes, as you can't really understand him. But overall, I still like him.

First opinion: Could be first out unless she aligns with strong players.
Now: She almost was the first out. She still doesn't really have any alliance yet. She sometimes associates with the mean girl clique. I don't really have any strong opinion about her right now. She's just there.

First opinion: Super likeable & able to make the finals.
Now: I love McCrae! He also reps the Minnesota shirt & he's a cool dude that's always just go-with-the-flow. I want him to win it all.
First opinion: Douche lord.
Now: Yep. Does he know how terrible he's making himself appear? And you know that whole Cherokee thing he was talking about on the show? He's only 1/16th Cherokee.... He makes me so unbelievably angry. 

First opinion: Cute, arrogant, & will potentially do well.
Now: I actually kind of like him. I hated him in his pre-show interviews, but he's actually come off pretty well. He's smart to be aligning himself with both the Mean Girls as well as the other side of the house. I don't think most people are looking at him as a threat right now, but they should be.

Do you watch Big Brother? 
What do you think of the season so far? 
Do you think producers should address these racist remarks? Do you think the repercussions Aaryn & GinaMarie received from their jobs were fair?

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  1. oh girl I've been watching and checking out gossip and other news on 2 other sites.




    I dont understand why they have to lie to folks face. and aralyn trying to call them out knowing noone was gonna say a word.

    Nick just needs to go. He's got this vibe about him that I dont like and Jeremy....well he's all over the place. Stay with one person. Dont side with everyone.

    I love the gossip site b/c sadly i cant get the video since it cost money of course but the gossip is just as good.

    amanda and getting drunk and putting band aids over her tits just doesnt make sense to me and plus her having a thing for mccray and I'm sure that's just to get further in the house. Plus Jeremy saying he would screw all the gurls in the house if he could. it's bs.