December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend: A Novel/Picture Book

I thought I'd give you a brief Thanksgiving weekend recap since I haven't blogged since last Tuesday.

My family and I went out to Ground Round for my belated birthday dinner and my sister and I went to Catching Fire that night. SO GOOD! What's even better is I still have my college ID and it doesn't list a graduation year or birthday or anything, so you betcha I use that sucker for all it's worth. Saving $2 on a movie included.

 Last minute grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. Food prep and cooking. That's about it!

We had a few of our extended family over to the house for Thanksgiving dinner. The rest of the cousins came over in the afternoon to visit.

Hannah and I had a mini photoshoot for a future fashion-y post. We may or may not have borrowed the abandoned neighbor house for some creative pictures...

 I also bought a ton of Black Friday stuff on that night. I still had a $50 gift card from a giveaway win + free shipping over $25 + $3 off in rewards = a steal! I'll be sharing my haul once I get it.

There was no crazy Thanksgiving night or early morning Black Friday shopping on our part! We woke up and took our time and went to Target around 9am. The place was no busier than a Saturday afternoon. Granted, a lot of the DVD sales were gone. But I did score some Gloria Jean Mudslide k-cups for $8!
We also had to hit up Old Navy since everything was 50% off. Now, that place was crazy! We stood in line to check out for probably 20 minutes? I know that's not very long compared to some. The line snaked around 3 times even though they had like 8 registers open. I really could have spent a good chunk of money in there. But I put a lot of clothes from there on my Christmas list for my mom, so I guess I had to leave her with some options!

I finally got this sweatshirt, which you may recall from my Birthday Wish List. It was only $10.99 on clearance. More expensive than online, but no shipping and handling fee!

 I also got these two cute tops for $8 and $6. There also is a strong chance small possibility that I am currently on the Old Navy site for Cyber Monday....This is why I need a well-paying job pronto!

We also put up our Christmas tree Friday afternoon. Not gonna lie, my sister did most of it. I just need to add my Luther ornaments!

Over the past few years, Hannah's made a red ornament with each family member's name on it. Unfortunately, if any more marriages or reproduction happens, they will need to provide their own red bulb. Hear that future husband?

I woke up with a migraine. What a vibe killer. But I popped two Excedrin because there was no way I was missing Small Business Saturday at one of my favorite thrift shop's Size It Up. The whole store was 50% off. Moka also had all large drinks for the price of a small. That yummy peppermint mocha sure helped make my headache fade into a dull ache. Unfortunately, the only thing I found this time at Size It Up was a pair of grey opaque tights. But I needed new tights anyway and they were $2!
Simba and I hung out by the Christmas tree all afternoon watching the Law and Order: SVU "Olivia Benson Hair Marathon".

I did nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. ZERO THINGS WERE DONE.

So now, please tell me the following:
1. What was the highlight of your Thanksgiving weekend?
2. What Black Friday deals did you score? And did you go out on Thanksgiving night?
3. Any Cyber Monday deals I should know about?

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  1. I got the Garth Brooks' boxed set which may be playing on repeat in my earbuds right now :)