April 11, 2013

Notes on Nursing: Meet Courtney!

Meet Courtney from It's Just Me!

I started my nursing career during my senior year in high school as a CNA at a local hospital. This is where I knew nursing was perfect for me. I am now attending the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for nursing. It's definitely challenging, but in the end it will be worth it!

When do you graduate?
December 2014

What made you want to be a nurse?
 Most people say that they want to be a nurse because they love caring for people. It's the same for me. I do love caring for others and trying to make them feel better, but the main reason that I want to be a nurse is because I love the human body. It is so interesting to me how everything works and how the health care field can really help someone. I could have gone to be a doctor or some other higher end position, but I believe nursing is the core. The nurses are the ones who spend all day with the patient and they are the patients' advocate. To me, there is no better job than that. 

What areas of nursing are you interested in?
The area that most interests me in nursing is genetics. I hope to work in genetics down the road, but when I get out of school, I am interested in working on a cardiac unit or in the ICU.  

What has been your favorite nursing class so far? Least favorite?
My favorite nursing class so far would have to be pharmacology. The reason is because the teacher is so awesome. It's not what I thought it would be like. I thought we would just be learning all these drug names and actions, but she teaches it so we can actually apply it to nursing practice. My least favorite class would have to be nutrition. I know it's important, but oh was it boring!

What is your favorite skill you've learned or performed so far?
 So far, my favorite skill is setting up IV fluids on the pumps. I'm really looking forward to being able to start IVs!

What makes you most nervous about becoming a nurse?
 The thing that makes me the most nervous is first of all being able to pass my boards. When I'm an RN, I will be most nervous about making a mistake that could be life-threatening. 

What three things are must-haves for surviving nursing school?
 1. A positive, calm attitude. Don't let nursing school get the best of you!
2. A good support system. There's going to be days when you come home and cry. You need someone to be there to tell you it's going to be okay.
3. A hobby. Find something that you like to do to get your mind off school. You need a little time to unwind and not think about nursing. 

Any funny stories about nursing?
 One of my professors told us this story the other day. She worked on an intensive care unit with another nurse, who worked night shift. Around 6 AM, this nurse was in a patient's room, who had extensive abdomen surgery and had yet to pass any gas. The patient was going to have to go back into surgery. The nurse passed gas and no later than a few seconds later, all of the doctors, interns, residents, and everyone else on the case walked into the room. They all started cheering and giving high fives, since they smelt the gas and believed the patient had finally passed gas, meaning no surgery. The nurse was so embarrassed, but knew she had to say something...so she slowly raised her hand and said "umm...Sorry, that was me". 

Any advice for those thinking about nursing school?
 Nursing school is hard and people will try to scare you about it. You have to be strong and confident in yourself and have the ability to say "I can do this" and believe it. It's also important to remember that nursing is not a profession that is just a "job". It's a way of life. What you do outside of work reflects on your ability to be a nurse as well as what happens at work. It's a big responsibility, but so rewarding! 


 One of my favorite classes was pharmacology too because I had an amazing professor. 

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