April 12, 2013

Happies & Crappies

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up 
- Do y'all know how much I hate disorganization? Like, it really bothers me. Really.
- All this negativity & hate in blogland right now. Advice from one of the most positive & inspiring guys I love:

- This MN weather! I mean, really?! Ice & snow in mid-April?! I'll be honest, I'm writing this post on Thursday afternoon because, as of right now, we're planning on taking a day trip to Winona tomorrow, but if the roads are going to be bad, we're not going. We'll see what happens.
- I made Chocolate Mini Cadbury Egg Cookies yesterday & I threw in some Mini M&M's too for good measure. It's like an Easter cookie yummy goodness..mmmm....
- Getting closer & closer to being an official employed RN...woo!
- Natalie is giving away $20 to Amazon on my blog! It's open through next Friday, so don't forget to enter!
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  1. We've got ice, snow and rain here! It's just miserable.

    I hope you get to take your little trip!

  2. It's just rain here, but it's cold and evil, I am not a fan!!

    And all the blog drama, blah. i like to remind people that usually, when you 'hate' something in another person, it's usually because you hate that part of yourself. Shuts them up pretty quick!