January 7, 2013

Not-so-Sweet Dreams

I don't have anything planned for today on the blog so I thought I would write about something that freaked me out overnight.
My first NCLEX dream.
I dreamed that I was able to take the test on my laptop at home so one day I opened it up and started the test. But then I felt unprepared and closed the test to come back to.
Well, I should have read the directions because it said if you close the test, the time keeps running.
So five hours later, I come back and have like 20 minutes to finish a bunch of pages of questions and everyone is interupting me and I am freaking out!
Oh man was that scary.


  1. Hi Breanna, my name is Melvin ; I wish you a happy new year.

  2. hey! just found your blog through a friend! very cute! hope to get to know ya better!



  3. oh dear heavens, your post makes me have flash backs to my own experience! you WILL get through the NCLEX and then it will all just be a horrible dream. :) and you'll never have to do it again. Good luck with the studying Breanna!!