July 30, 2013


Do you associate memories with music? I know I do.

A lot of the major moments in my life have songs I relate with that time. Whether it be funny, sad, or something you associate with a major, life-changing moment. Music is an important part of life. I firmly believe memories are stronger and cement themselves in your mind if paired up with a smell or sound.

Our high school graduation was right around the time Happy Feet came out in theaters. The guy that spoke as representative of our class talked about the idea of a "heart song" (watch the movie if your don't understand). My "heart song" is simple:

The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert on Grooveshark

Here are some memories along with a song related to the moment. Basically a picture & music post. By the way, please feel free to leave me some inspiration for posts!

Senior Year Homecoming - September 2007 

We Are The Champions by Queen on Grooveshark

This isn't specifically Homecoming related, but rather the entire football season. We were underdogs going into practically every playoff game. The previous two seasons were losing seasons. We, somehow, won every playoff game & made it to state & got to play at the Metrodome. The first time that had happened since the 80's. We didn't win that state game, but the memories of cheering on our team & the car rides to different cities and back playing this song is so vivid in my mind.

 Freshman Year at Luther College - 2007-2008

Crack That (Soulja Boy) by Solja boy tell'em on Grooveshark

This song marked the beginning of my first year at Luther. We had a dance my first full day there & two freshman did the dance to this song on stage. Funny enough: one of my last fun school gatherings during my last month at Luther was the nursing banquet and we had freshman nursing students do the Gangnam Style dance in the front of the room. My college career: marked by two iconic dances.

Some other songs I remember from my freshman year: every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday morning from 9:15-10:15, I had a theater/dance class in the art building across the street from my dorm. After class, I would stop at the coffee place in the building & then come back to my room, turn on CMT & listen to music videos... "Letter to Me" by Brad Paisley & "Love Don't Live Here" by Lady Antebellum were two I remember hearing every single morning.

Letter to Me by Brad Paisley on Grooveshark

Love Don't Live Here by Lady Antebellum(懷舊女郎) on Grooveshark

Senior Year at Luther - 2010-2011

Bumpy Ride by Mohombi on Grooveshark

Our house had a favorite going-out song we just had to play to get pumped up. We even made up a dance to it. Definitely a hit at 'Scoes!

Nashville spring break - March 2011

As She's Walking Away by Zac Brown Band Ft. Alan Jackson on Grooveshark

I already wrote a post about this, but, walking away from the Opry, this is the song they played.

Nashville spring break - March 2011

A Little Bit Stronger by Sara Evans on Grooveshark

Everywhere we drove in Nashville, this song was playing & it was, really, the first time I ever heard this song & fell in love with it.

Senior year at Luther - 2010-2011

I Just Had Sex (feat. Akon) by I Just Had Sex on Grooveshark

Yep. This was right after this song hit it big. We hosted an "I Just Had Sex" party complete with free strip & go nakeds and a kissing booth. It was a hit. Said the 10 or so people that showed up & we had no clue who the heck they were. Apparently, nursing & education majors can throw one great party.

Final nursing party at Luther - December 2012

Die Young by Kesha on Grooveshark

Wobble by V.I.C. on Grooveshark

We all had so much fun at this last party with our nursing class. Highlight of the night: random dance parties breaking out. I couldn't narrow it down from these two gems.

These are just few of my musical memories. If I included them all...well, we'd be here a while.

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  1. I definitely associate certain songs with certain memories. I even got the line "funny how a melody sounds like a memory" tattooed on my collarbone. I think it's funny that I would also without a doubt list Soulja Boy as a freshman year memory. My dorm neighbors were always listening & doing the dance to that song.