September 20, 2013

Dancing in September

September by Earth, Wind & Fire on Grooveshark

One of Luther College's traditions that was started relatively recently has been Septembertime.

What is Septembertime you ask?

Celebrating the month of September and Luther College with music and dance. It's not anything official, but to students it is.

It was started by students and has grown in popularity thanks to students and Facebook.

Every day during September around 9 or 10pm, students gather in different campus places: academic buildings, campus houses, dorms, public gathering spaces and they blast "September" by Earth, Wind, & Fire. We all sing and dance around to it. Yes, there is requisite choreography.

The biggest day of Septembertime is always September 21st ("do you remember/the 21st night of September..."). Tomorrow is September 21st and I kind of wish I was at Luther to celebrate.

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  1. This is awesome!! What a fun tradition to have!

  2. hahahah this is so fun!!! I wish we did fun things like this at work!