September 19, 2013

Big Brother 15 Finale

Last night, Big Brother 15 had its finale and I actually really enjoyed it.

If you haven't seen it yet, then obviously don't read this post!

Going into the night, I really wanted GinaMarie to win and actually kind of thought she would pull it out by a slim 5-4 margin.

Unfortunately, Andy won Part 3 of the HOH competition. However, he stuck with his early-in-the-season pinky-swear with GinaMarie and took her to the final 2 with him.

Then, GM's sure-fire win kind of started to unravel.

Andy's job is to speak. He's a guest lecturer and helps with teaching speech in his real life. He knows how to hit the big points and get them across to those who are listening. If I was a member of jury, I couldn't not vote for Andy based on his answer to the jury questions and his final speech. But GinaMarie is a people person and you really want to vote for her.

So, after those speeches, it wasn't a shocker when Andy pulled out the 7-2 win.

Andy and GinaMarie

Even though Julie tried to somewhat talk about the controversial remarks some HGs said, no one (on the jury) had been briefed up until that point about what had been going on and what made "national news". Jury is sequestered all the way up until they come out to vote for the winner and they weren't privy to any information, even from the show psychologists that talk with the HGs or PR people.

Big Brother 15 Jury

Once the show ends, the HGs have to talk with the Big Brother producers about major things that happened in the season and how they were perceived by the public, in order to better see what they will be faced with during the backyard interviews. This, not surprisingly, took longer than anticipated because the interviews got delayed until 10:45 central time.

Also not surprisingly, each HG that needed to apologize about their actions in the house did. The only one with TWO PR people beside her was Aaryn. What surprised me was what Candice said during her interview

I think we can all take a lesson from Miss Candie (who's 30th Birthday is TODAY!). If you haven't already, see what I mean in my open letter to Aaryn.

Aaryn & GM were briefed on how they were fired from their jobs. I liked how GM owned up to saying that she completely understands why they had to let her go. Aaryn, however, backpedaled and said she wasn't actively working with the agency that fired her and she already has six meetings with different agencies planned for this week.

Now comes the one weekend a year when I wish I was in Vegas! All the post-season parties with Big Brother Houseguests past and present! You'll definitely want to follow along, as most Houseguests post pictures if they attend.

Here are some of my choices on who to follow for up-to-dates on all the Vegas happenings:

Andy Herren (BB15)
Nick Uhas (BB15)

And don't forget some of the BB Alum! They'll be there as well!

Finally, please keep Britney Hayes from Big Brother 12 & 14 in your thoughts. Her 2 month old daughter, Tilly, was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of September.


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