November 20, 2013

25th Birthday Blog Bash Day 3: 30 Goals Before 30 [Amazon Giveaway]

I've never really been one to get into writing down a list of goals or something like 101 in 1001. However, being that I just turned 25 and it's hit me like a truck that I'll be 30 in just 5 years (oh boy!), I thought I would come up with thirty things I would ideally like to accomplish before I turn 30. Not necessarily things I need to get done, but something that I can look at and be like, "Yes, that's what I would like to do".

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1. Land my first nursing job & hone my craft.
2. Change my hair dramatically.
3. Take at least one trip to Nashville.
4. Become a pediatric or NICU nurse.
5. Meet Mr. Right. 
6. Go on a girl's weekend with my besties at least once a year.
7. Find a home, apartment, or townhome of my own.
8. Save $1000 
9. Pay off a big chunk of my student loans
10. Go on a blate. (blog + date, duh)
11. Develop some semblance of a healthy lifestyle.
12. Become an official advocate for domestic violence/sexual assault.
13. Get floor seats to a concert.
14. Finally decide if I want to go back to school for my Master's.
15. Fly in an airplane.
16. Take more pictures.
17. Read at least eight new books each year.
18. Participate in an event to raise awareness for an organization or topic I support.
19. Sign up for a walk/run that benefits a charity.
20. Learn how to perfect curls in my hair.
21. Do at least ten things that make me step outside my comfort zone.
22. Grow my blog (in whatever context that means to me).
23. Keep a jar of happy moments and quotes throughout the year and open it on New Year's Eve.
24. Adopt a shelter pet.
25. Attend Luther College homecoming as often as possible with friends.
26. Treat myself to a spa day or shopping spree.
27. Get a celebrity reply on Twitter.
28. Try a new recipe each month.
29. Attend my ten year high school reunion.
30. Make an effort to do at least one thing that makes me happy each day.

Today, what makes me happy is giving one of you the chance to win $25 to Amazon. Maybe you can use it to help complete one of your goals!

Terms & Conditions: The Cliffnotes Version
- Only open to U.S. residents.
- Must reply to e-mail within 48 hours to claim prize or it will be given to someone else.
- If you are not honest with your entries, all of your entries will be deleted. Honesty's the best policy!
- Each giveaway will be open for 3 days, so get your entries in!

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  1. I love your list! let's see, from Amazon I'd probably buy a gift of some sort!

  2. I am thinking I would buy cookware.

  3. You are coming to Nashville, for my 30th, next November (the 14 I think it is) NO EXCUSES be there!! Then you can knock Nashville and blate out in one fell swoop :)

  4. I have a whole wishlist of things I want to buy on Amazon :) Right now, I'm saving up to buy my husband a Keurig for his birthday in January. This would get me a lot closer to that goal!

  5. Maybe a humidifier since I broke mine today :( Or maybe something way more fun!

  6. I would buy a kindle.