June 12, 2013

Mistakes We Made in 2000

Thinking the original Big Brother was super entertaining and awesome.
I just rewatched it on YouTube....snooze fest. No HoH, No Veto, audience voting people out. I wonder if the people who signed on for Big Brother 2 was expecting this original format to last...

The world was going to end come January 1st, 2000.
Y2K. Computers reverting back to 1900. Life as we know it was going to implode.

We would all be living like The Jetson's
Meet George Jetson!


Thinking we would all be dance idols by learning the dance to Crazy by Britney Spears on Darrin's Dance Grooves (oh, that's just me?)
 One and Two and Three and shake those hips!

I did it all for the nookie. C'mon, the nookie.
How did they think Limp Bizkit was a cool band name?...

It's gettin' hott in herre
 I am getting so hot...


You are the weakest link, goodbye.
I'm sorry, but I don't want to fall through the floor.

Britney & Justin will, like, totally be together forever.
 I mean, c'mon, they wore matching denim ensembles. If that doesn't scream true love, what does?


What?! My name is! Who?! My name is...Slim Shady.
 The man that made you believe anyone could rap.


Thinking gas was SO EXPENSIVE at $1.26/gallon
 I think we jinxed ourselves....

Choker tattoo necklaces and Honey Kiss lip gloss
Need I say more?

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  1. I want gas to be $1.26 again, please?!

  2. This was hysterical ... seeing what went down 13 years ago!!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  3. Haha oh 2000...such a simple time