October 8, 2013

Fall Fashion Trends I Love

With cooler weather comes cute clothes. Every girl knows that, duh!
Today, I've compiled the fall trends that I love.

 Top: JCPenney; Jeans: JCPenney; Scarf: Giveaway gift from Katie; Purse: Target; Shoes: Target

And here's my cute sister who just started a new blog with her BFF Cat. I'm currently working on their blog design, so stay tuned!

Sweater: Thrift Shop; Tank: Dots; Top: Dots; Skirt: JCPenney


 Clockwise from top left: Target, Nordstrom, JCPenney, Macy's

I love most boots. Having wider calves, it's been hard for me to find boots that fit me right. That's my goal this fall/winter. Of course, I love the knee-high riding boots, but I'm also loving the military style boots that fold over on top to reveal a cloth print. And, as always, I love cowboy boots. One kind of boot I'm not really liking anymore: slouch boots


We all have those Plain Jane shirts that just scream for something to make them pop. Enter: Scarves! You can wear them with a dressy outfit to pull it together or something more casual for fun. In Minnesota, it can get pretty chilly in the late fall and winter, so scarves are not only a popular fashion accessory, but a way to KEEP WARM!

Skinny Jeans

I never used to be a fan of skinny jeans. I have a big butt (what? my blog. no secrets!) and I just never thought they would be flattering on me. But last spring, I was desperate. I really wanted to try the colored skinny jeans trend. And I found a pair on clearance at Kohl's for like $8! Shockingly, they were more flattering than bootcut or flare style jeans! Seriously, to all my girls with a big booty: don't be afraid of the skinny jeans trend. As long as they aren't the jegging/cigarette style jeans, they are actually super flattering. Look for the "slim straight" type. Plus, you need them to tuck into your boots, am I right?!

Button-Up Shirts

Perfect for layering and versatility. You can dress them up with a blazer or cardigan for interviews or other events. And then you can roll up the sleeves, pair it with a scarf and some jeans and you have your weekend shopping outfit! I'm loving the chambray style shirts and, as always, plaid. 


A must in the cold midwest! Layers don't have to mean big bulky sweatshirts. I've actually found that the casual white long-sleeve shirt beneath a T-shirt paired with a heavier sweater or zip-up track jacket and a scarf can be warmer than a hoodie.

What are some of your favorite fall fashion finds? Please share!

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  1. I like that button-up shirts .Nice trends in fashion. Hearty thanks for sharing this

  2. Love the pops of colour, Breanna - and your boots are just fabulous! Love your skinny jeans & scarf collections too, those colours are a great combo :))

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