December 26, 2013

Top 15 Posts of 2013

I've been sitting here for the past half hour catching up on blog reading & sipping my Caramel Macchiato coffee out of my new Starbucks mug. I came across a few blogs posting their top posts of 2013 & I thought it might be fun to take a look back at what caught most people's attention on Sweet Silver Lining over the past year. I fully intend to do a 2013 "Year in Review" on New Year's Eve (probably just for my own benefit). I will also be back within the next few days showing you my Christmas Haul (anyone know if someone is doing a "Deck Your Haul" type link-up this year??).

By the way, I made two Top 15 lists. The first one is the Top 15 according to pageviews. I used the pageview tracker within Blogger to find the most viewed posts. Of course, I know some of these views are probably inflated due to all those mean old robot pageview things. Sue them, not me.

The second list is the Top 15 posts according to comments and response from readers. Let's be honest, I pay more attention to number of comments than pageviews in determining what topics people are most interested in.

I also excluded giveaway posts, guest posts, and sponsored posts. We're just gonna focus on my own content.

Can you tell I had nothing else to do today????

Top 15 Blog Posts (by pageviews)

15. Fashion of One Tree Hill: Brooke Davis
I understand Brooke has great fashion sense, but how this post got this many pageviews? Don't ask me.

14. Blogger vs. Non-Blogger Thinking
I love this post mainly because it's so freakin' true. 

13. Baby My Love is All For You
Maybe this got a lot of pageviews because O-Town favorited it and followed me on Twitter?

12. Hair Porn
No comment. You know why this got a lot of views....

11. Nursing Wednesday
This post is pretty popular (in my world) on Pinterest. I talked about how I got into nursing school.

10. Oh The Places You'll Go
Who doesn't want to learn more about some pretty awesome cities?

9. Expect the Unexpected
My Big Brother posts have gotten a ton of views. I mean, some BB fans are like crazy addicted and obsessed with the houseguests (& former houseguests) and probably google their names constantly or something...

8. Ignorance, Hatred, & Forgiveness
Another Big Brother post. But I actually love this one, in which I wrote an open letter to Aaryn Gries.

7. One. Tree. Hill
My top One Tree Hill episodes. I guess a lot of people love OTH just as much as I do!

6. Top 12 Lessons I Learned from One Tree Hill
I love this post. OTH fans, show me some love!

5. To Skinny or Not to Skinny?
I compared Starbucks skinny-style drinks vs. the regular ones. Pretty informative and something every Starbucks fiend should know.

4. Top 10 Things the 90's Gave Us
We 80's & 90's children love reading things from our youth.

3. NCLEX Advice
This is another pretty popular post on Pinterest. I highly suggest reading it if you are in nursing school or a recent grad!

2. Racism, Sex, & Catfights: Big Brother 15
Yeah, yeah...again with the s-e-x people! 

1. Big Brother: Where Are They Now?
It's fun to catch up and see what the former houseguests on BB are doing now, but, people, I have way better posts available than this one!

Top 15 Posts (by comments)

15. Hair Porn
I mean...cute hair is loved by everyone, right?

14. He Never Liked Cake
Hands down, one of the top 5 posts I wrote this year in my eyes. I really didn't expect it to get the attention it did from Janna. I also discovered that she posted about it to her family & friends on her personal Facebook page. Her dad (the book was started in response to his accident) even liked the post!

13. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Apparently I'm not the only one bothered by Ms. Taylor Swift.

12. No Heat Curls
Aunie's Friar Tuck is pretty popular!

11. Oh The Places You'll Go

10. True Life
I like GIF's. And everyone can relate in some way to this post, right?

9. One. Tree. Hill.

8. Boys Boys Boys
My little sob story. But one of my first really personal posts & I really appreciated everyone's comments.

7. To Skinny or Not to Skinny?

6. Blogging Choices
I love sharing my opinion about blogging and getting opinions from others!

5. Advice?
Looking back, I didn't really need any advice on this. And I wish I would have just chosen to wait instead of jumping on the first opportunity that presented itself.

4. 10 Things Women Should Stop Doing
Another great post that I loved writing. 

3. Top 10 Things the 90's Gave Us

2. Don't You Know That You're Toxic?
This post was very cathartic to write. I'm glad so many people could relate.

1. Blogger vs. Non-Blogger Thinking

Obviously, these aren't necessarily my favorites. I'll be sharing some of those during my 2013 Year in Review.

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