March 27, 2013

Nursing Wednesday

I'm linking up today with Anna @ The Days When I'm Not a Nurse & Paige @ A Dose of Paige for their monthly Nursing link-up!
This month's theme is all about Getting Into Nursing School.
So when I applied as a Nursing major to Luther, it was guaranteed that I would have to take Chemistry & Human Anatomy during my Freshman fall semester to determine if I would get into the program. As most of you know, I changed to Education right before signing up for classes. 
Well, when I finally decided to switch back, they had changed the prerequisites so I would take Human Anatomy one semester & Chemistry the next semester. THANK GOD! I don't know if I would have made it into the program with the rigor of a Chemistry & Anatomy class in the same semester!
At Luther, you find out in a letter in January sent to your student mailbox (SPO). It is very intense & nerve-wracking. Everyone at the school knows when it's D-Day & they should avoid the mailboxes!
January is known as J-term at Luther. Freshman have to take a mandatory seminar class on campus. Sophomore, Juniors, & Seniors can either take an on-campus class, study abroad, do an internship, or take the month off. I was a Junior at this point & knew I didn't need any extra credits, so I chose to take January off and spend it at home.
That means I wasn't on campus to get my acceptance letter (&, yes, I was basically guaranteed it would be an acceptance letter because I was a good student & older than everyone else). I ended up picking up my letter at the beginning of February. I'm not even sure if I still have that letter anymore. I hope I do because that's a pretty important & memorable thing!
First thing I did the weekend I found out I made it? Celebrated with one of my BFF's at an 80's Party, duh!
If you're a nurse or a nursing student, how did you find out if you made it into the program? 
Is it as nerve-wracking of a day as it is at Luther? 
P.S. I have an interview tomorrow afternoon. Mixed feelings.


  1. Interesting! Your process sounds pretty different than mine... and I still have my acceptance letter :) Every good thing in life should be celebrated 80's style. just saying.
    Good luck with the interview!

  2. I got a letter in the summer before the fall semester. Mine came later than everyone else's so I was kinda nervous, but I didn't think I wouldn't get in. This was before the "waiting list" existed. The same with the NCLEX. I found it super easy, because I worked on a CD on the computer, plus I graduated with my Bachelor's. As soon as it clicked off on 75, I knew I aced it.

  3. That's a great way to celebrate!! I had a much harder time getting in, but it was worth it in the end. :)