January 3, 2013

Boys Boys Boys

Time to air some dirty laundry.

I don't have a boyfriend.

I have never had a boyfriend.

I am 24 years old.



Lately, all I see from people I have gone to school with is pictures of engagement rings. And wedding news. And baby news.

I am very slightly bitter. And jealous.


Yes, I know I shouldn't be. I should be grateful that I am free and not tied down to anything. I can go (almost) anywhere with my life.

I know. And I'm happy about that.

But I just want a boy. 

Shallow, much?

About 2 years ago, I started accounts on a couple dating sites. But I never went back because I thought, I don't deserve some of the skeezy guys that you find online.

I'm thinking about going back to those accounts again, just to see what's out there.

But why?

I've heard a few success stories from bloggers who have met their significant others online and are so happy and in love. But I don't think I'm patient enough to wait for that.

Just give me my knight in shining armor now.


  1. I met my fiance on a dating website.
    my best advice is to go into it just wanting to meet new people. I was moving to Florida, didn't know anybody and I couldn't really search "girls" on dating websites for friends because well..it's kidna creepy.

    I started talking to P for the fact that I just wanted to meet some fun guys to show me around and to actually have somone to hang out with if I got bored. It turned in to somethign I could have never dreamed of. If you go off looking for something you usually settle, but if you go out and just live your life and if you meet a guy on the site that becomes more than a friend, well the rest is history.

    I would defineitly give it a shot agian, but there are ALOT of disgustos out there, don't let them keep you from meeting the nice guys;)

  2. Oh Breanna, I didn't have a boyfriend until I was out of high school. I ended up finding my husband through online dating. You might have to weed through some toads, but there's a good one out there just for you.

  3. I've heard many stories about finding love online! you will find someone when the time is right, but you can push that along by using those websites!

  4. Met my husband of 3 years on an LDS dating site! No harm in it, just be careful and go fot it! Also, nothing wrong with being single! Live those years up because when you do meet someone special (which you will, you are a sweet girl), you will have to share everything and finances can get hard. So go shopping, spend your money on yourself, watch any movie you want, and eat lots of yummy foods!

  5. if it makes you feel any better...
    i dated the same guy my entire life.
    and it took me TWELVE YEARS to get engaged.

    patience is a virtue. and so is getting drunk to cope.
    be you girl.

  6. I so get this. I didn't date anyone until I was 20, and since we broke up I haven't dated anyone. It can get lonely right? Everyone always says you'll find the right guy one day, but it can be hard to wait right? Sometimes we need that companionship right now. For the longest time I was totally okay with being single, and then just like you, all my friends started dating again recently and some of them got engaged, and *sigh* I felt left out. I want that too! haha. Of course I am happy for them though, and actually I am getting back to a place where I am happy being single again. I don't want to force it you know? Like, dating websites--that's something I might never do because I don't feel comfortable with it. But! Indeed lots of people have met their perfect someones online, and they are proof that it can work! In the end I'm sure you'll make the right decision for you, and hopefully whatever the decision is will make you happy : ]

  7. I've had three serious relationships my whole life. All of which were out of school. I never understood the point of like high school dating, maybe it's because I was never "asked out" in high school. (Can't blame em, the Pentecostal band geek probably wouldn't be up my alley either).

    I think you should give the websites a shot. I've heard SO many wonderful love stories come from dating online!

  8. Awww! I totally understand that want! It's so hard to wait for the right one. I've never really had a boyfriend either, but . . .

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! http://iwishispokelatinandgerman.blogspot.com/2013/01/liebster-award.html

    Keep up the awesome blogging! :)

  9. You are an incredible, intelligent, beautiful, and lively young woman with the entire world at your fingertips. You will find the right guy at the right time- and probably when you least expect it. It may be through a dating site, it may be through a chance encounter at a bar, heck, he may be waiting in the lunch room of the hospital where I'm sure you'll soon work. Just know that he is out there and he's coming for you as fast as he can. It's okay to be jealous or sad or bitter at those school acquaintances and friends who appear to be getting what you so want and deserve. That sense of loneliness is, ironically, a universal feeling that others (like your readers and family and friends) understand and empathize with because they've been there too. Maybe they're in that state now. Just know that you are loved and never truly alone. Remember to take chances, try new things, and be yourself- you will find him one day and you will know it's him because you are so true to yourself and he will recognize and appreciate you because of it.