January 4, 2013

How Sweet It Is

Yesterday, I wrote a brutally honest post that was (to continue with my brutal honesty) actually kind of nerve-wracking and scary to post. I've never really admitted what I did yesterday to many people and posting it for the entire universe to read is definitely a step out of my comfort zone.

However, I received so many sweet, positive comments in my inbox throughout the day that just reaffirmed why I love all you bloggers. So supportive and encouraging.

To update, I haven't really decided if I want to go back to those dating websites I once joined. I guess we will see in time.

Right now, I'm doing me and focusing on passing my NCLEX, getting a job, and doing what I want to do.

Again, thank you all for your responses. It brightened up my day, as I was stuck in a classroom from 9am-4pm doing NCLEX review. Which is where I am right now.


  1. Your guy is out there somewhere! keep your standards high, whether you decide to online date or not. :)

  2. I think you're right where you need to be. Figuring out you before you give up anything for someone else. The right person will come along. I don't know about those sites either. I know one friend who uses it literally just to sleep with women (I think he's at 3 in the last week or two alone) but then I know my friend Betsy met her husband online. I think it's a gamble but so is meeting a guy out in a bar or something. In the meantime, it's good to focus on you!

  3. Such a sweet post! You are ADORABLE!! Just wanted to say hi. :) Stopping by from Sugar and Dots. Have a wonderful first weekend of 2013! XO

  4. Study study and yes! Do what YOU want to do!