December 30, 2013

Christmas Recap

I thought I would do a quick recap of my Christmas. Not many pictures were taken. We were all too busy enjoying ourselves.

Christmas Eve
I told you all how it's my favorite day of the year here. This year definitely didn't disappoint, even though the house felt kind of empty with two families gone.

Much of the night was spent eating pizza and drinking (lots of) wine.

We also all sat down to watch the DVDs my sister made for my Grandma, which included videos from Christmas & New Years 1992, Christmas 1994, & countless birthday parties. HOOT AND A HALF, let me tell you. We were all sitting around crying laughing at our outfits and funny behavior. We then just had to put in wedding videos from 1996 and 2003 to embarrass the young cousins who weren't around for those earlier videos.

Christmas Day

We spent the morning opening presents from Santa. My aunt came over for dinner and we all ate too much.

He wanted a megaphone. I got him a megaphone. I think it will become a fun drunk toy.

You know you're an adult when...this is the gift you're most excited for.

Santa was very good this year!

1. Super cute jewelery stand // 2. Rochester art print from Etsy c/o my sister //3. Reconstructing Amelia & Country Music Hall of Fame calendar //4. Scarf & Woodwick candle set c/o my cousin from our gift exchange //5. Keurig coffee holder //6. New headphones c/o my brother //7. New blowdryer c/o my Grandma (the one I currently use is from...oh...the 1970's or 80's? //8. Socks & a Starbucks mug c/o my Grandma //9. Eucalyptus Mint candle that smells delightful! 
I also got a purple cardigan and a new pair of skinny jeans, which will be featured in a fashion post in the new year!

We always get a board game from Santa every year. This year it was Heads Up!, which is basically similar to Headbandz. You know we had to play after Christmas dinner...

For my Grandma's Christmas present, I made a calendar on Snapfish with pictures of our family, including a picture of that person on their birthday. It turned out pretty cool.

I also got my "coffee nook" all set up on my desk in my room (until I get a kitchen of my own). I love it!

Finally, the last giveaway on Hello Frances is up and running. You could win a super cool beauty pack + 3 months of ad space on Hello Frances + 3 months of Front & Center (banner in each blog post!) ad space on this here blog!

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  1. First of all my only resolution this year is to get my debt under control...not that it's bad I just want my credit cards paid off.
    Second of all: first I saw your country hall of fame calendar & I was like YES I want that one for 2014...then I saw the one you made for 2014 & was like ah crap maybe I should finish the one I started making on shutterfly instead...