October 25, 2013

Baby My Love is All For You

Let me take you back to 5th & 6th grade.

Here's a visual of me then:


I was bitten. 

Bitten by the O-Town bug.

Obsessed. Ever since I first started watching them on Making the Band. I watched every appearance they made on TV and I even remember begging for tickets to their concert (that never happened. I may or may not still hold a slight grudge.)

Despite that "boy band" label that seemed to doom all up-and-coming singers back in 2001, they really were extremely talented.

I still listened to their music off and on through the years if I came across it in my iTunes playlists. Not nearly as much as I did back then, though.

When Ashley Parker Angel came out with his own songs & TV show, I watched and downloaded. Cameos from the boys on that show made me a little giddy. Like a 6th grader.

The past couple months I found the Making the Band series on YouTube. Oh and you know I rewatched. 

Then I got wind that there was a reunion. Um...WHAT?!

And they had an official Twitter and Facebook account. FOLLOW.

One day I opened up Twitter on my phone & lo and behold....


And then I tweeted that somewhere inside me, a 6th grader is crying/freaking out/screaming.

Except I am almost 25 years old and I definitely have a new appreciation for their music.

Liquid Dreams? Classic, duh.

But even better? Some of their lesser known tracks.
Love Should Be a Crime
These are the Days
American Game (which was never officially recorded in studio...SHAME!)

Don't get me wrong: All or Nothing and Baby I Would will always be included in my favorites.

So I couldn't participate in Back That Azz Up Friday without a tribute to my favorite band - O-Town

One Direction who?

P.S. Trevor is lookin' finnnnee!

O-Town by Breanna Friedrich on Grooveshark

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  1. Hahaha Liquid Dreams. What a fantastic song. I liked O-Town!