June 24, 2013

Expect the Unexpected

Some of you may know that one of my all-time favorite shows is Big Brother. I've been watching since season one (which aired when I was about 10 years old or so). Season 15 starts on Wednesday night & I AM PUMPED!

You may not know that I actually filled out an application for the show two years back, but I never sent it in. They had auditions this Spring in Minneapolis, &, let me tell you, if I would have lived up there, I most definitely would have gone! Some may say I'd be crazy to try to do something like that, but I say, bring on the adventure.

CBS recently revealed the new cast of houseguests last week & today I'm giving you the scoop on each one & my pre-season opinions of them. You can go to the Official Big Brother 15 website to watch exclusive interviews of the cast (conducted by none other than the perfect Jeff Schroeder).

 photo Aaryn_zpsd5d34b95.jpg
Aaryn Gries - 22 - San Marcos, TX - Single - College Student

She seems sweet & likeable, which could be in her favor. The guys are bound to love her. However, I can see some of the other girls getting catty with her. But I think she'll be one of the first 3 out of the house.

 photo David_zpsd9c78e9f.jpg
David Girton - 25 - San Diego, CA - Single - Lifeguard

This guy reminds me of Braden from Big Brother 11. Don't remember him? That's 'cause he was evicted first! He says he's a superfan of Big Brother, which could be a hindrance if he lets this on to the other houseguests right away. His hair bothers me like no other. And he sounds like a typical beach-bum. I don't see him making it far either.

 photo Andy_zps3eba0baa.jpg
Andy Herren - 26 - Chicago, IL - Single - Professor

I love him! Funny, likeable, and smart: all of which can play to his advantage in the BB house. I totally want to be his BFF! I can actually see him making it relatively far, granted his relationships in the house don't get in the way & he can keep his intelligence underwraps (at least for the time being).

 photo Kaitlin_zpscb572960.jpg
Kaitlin Barnaby - 23 - Minneapolis, MN - Single - Bartender

Minnesota girl! This gives her automatic points in my book, but I'm not sure what to think of her right now. She's either a complete airhead & has no idea what's going on or she's playing everyone & is actually super, super smart. She could end up middle-of-the pack. I don't see her in the finals (unless she really is playing everyone).

 photo Spencer_zpse267f506.jpg
Spencer Clawson - 31 - Conway, AR - Single - Railroad Conductor

Super laid back & I think the houseguests will all love him. He's also a long-time fan of the show, so he knows what's going on, but I'm not sure if he will do well competition-wise, which could be his downfall. He'll either be eliminated early on or make it really far.

 photo Howard_zpsb114bee0.jpg
Howard Overby - 29 - Hattiesburg, MS - Single - Youth Counselor

Definitely intended to be the eye-candy this year! Mmm. I'm just going to go ahead and say it: he'll make it to the final 3. He's very well spoken & seems to have both physical and mental toughness to win competitions and know what he's doing. Love him!

 photo Amanda_zps45f3e3eb.jpg
Amanda Zuckerman - 28 - Boynton Beach, FL - Single - Real Estate Agent

Wow. She is gorgeous. But I think that could go against her, as she has a really strong personality as well. She could be hated by a lot of people: both in and out of the house. I think she also will either be one of the first ones out or go really far, granted she wins competitions.

 photo Elissa_zpsf4edfb07.jpg
Elissa Slater - 27 - Kannapolis, NC - Married Mom - Nutritionist

Look familiar? What if I told you her maiden name is Reilly? Anyone? ...
That's right - she's Rachel "No one comes in between me & my man!" Reilly's older sister. She has the potential to be annoying, but I like her. If she can keep quiet about her Reilly connection until houseguests (eventually) figure it out for themselves, she has the potential to make it far.

 photo Candice_zps9af0a943.jpg
Candice Stewart - 29 - Houston, TX - Single - Pediatric Speech Therapist

This pageant queen (Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2002, Miss Louisiana USA 2005) could be one of the first ones out, which is sad because I really like her. Her experiences in the pageant system & as an NFL cheerleader could work against her, but I think a lot of people with like her.

 photo Helen_zps730b4f86.jpg
Helen Kim - 37 - Chicago, IL - Married Mom - Political Consultant

She's been working in politics for over a decade & seems really smart. She said she plans on keeping that secret, but I think it's going to work against her & she won't make it to the end. Missing her husband and kids could also be her downfall.

 photo GinaMarie_zps7e1aa1ea.jpg
GinaMarie Zimmerman - 32 - Staten Island, NY - Single - Pageant Coordinator

Did she mean to audition for the Real Housewives??? Can't stand her already. Hate her dress too. I can see her and Elissa butting heads a lot. She might be the first one out, if she can't tone down her personality.

 photo Judd_zpsb8de2ff1.jpg
Judd Daughtery - 26 - Etowah, TN - Single - Property Appraiser

Another superfan of BB! Huge southern guy and I like him. I think he has a real shot of going to the final 3, if not winning the whole thing. And he's pretty cute too!

 photo Jessie_zps75a36e34.jpg
Jessie Kowalski - 25 - San Antonio, TX - Single - Unemployed

I think her and Aaryn might become really good friends since they have similar upbringings and similar personalities. I really like her. She doesn't seem to be super, super pumped about trying to win though. She could be one of the first out, unless she aligns herself with some strong players and they drag her along for the ride.

 photo McCraw_zps102bb23e.jpg
McCrae Olson - 23 - Oak Grove, MN - Single - Pizza Delivery Boy

He's one of the biggest BB fans - up there with Ian from last season. And he's from Minnesota! So more automatic points in my book. He has a super likeable personality too. He kind of scares me though. I think he'll make it to (or close to) the finals.

 photo Jeremy_zps93d5c587.jpg
Jeremy McGuire - 23 - Katy, TX - Single - Boat Shop Associate

Douche lord. Don't like him at all either. He'll probably get evicted before jury. He seems greasy too....

 photo Nick_zps95b00e61.jpg
Nick Uhas - 28 - New York, NY - Single - Entrepreneur

Cute. Seems very arrogant. Kind of reminds me of a mix of Boogie (the personality) & Dr. Will (the brains - he graduated Pre-Med from Yale). Has the potential of doing very well.

In pre-show interviews, Julie Chen has said this year's twist has to do with the audience having more of an impact on the nominations and/or evictions. To see what will unfold this season, watch the premiere on Wednesday at 8/7 central on CBS!

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  1. That first girl is so cute!

  2. My hubby watches this show. It got so weird on me a few seasons back so I stopped watching.
    I'll have to get my updates through you and him now! LOL

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo