May 20, 2013

Best. Weekend. Ever.


It was a rainy day so I watched Contagion. Really good movie, but hated the ending!


Luther College Class of 2013 Pinning Ceremony!!

It was so wonderful seeing all my fellow classmates again & catch up, even though it was brief. My fellow December grads & I all sat together to cheer on everyone. We didn't bring kleenex so we had to grab some toilet paper from the bathroom to put in our purse, just in case. Too funny, but good thing we did because we had to whip it out not too long after! A lot of people chose to be pinned by their mom or another family member. So their were many tears shed by everyone!

After the ceremony, one of the girls in our class got engaged! We totally thought he was going to get down on one knee on the stage (he pinned her) and it happened a little while after the ceremony. So exciting! Everyone had their families in town, so most of them had to leave after. Us December grads decided to walk around campus and we actually ran into a lot of our classmates and their families to talk with for awhile. It was so relaxing and great to see everyone one last time!

We, of course, had to stop at T-bocks for some burgers and day drinking. And the Whippy Dip for a tornado. Yeah, needless to say, we were STUFFED. But we totally walked from T-bocks to Whippy Dip, so that counts for something, right?



As I said before, my high school just built a new building and they were giving tours to the public from 12-3. It really is gorgeous. But way way way too big for the number of students that attend. Each class is around 100. Times that by 4 and there's maybe 400 or so students in the entire school. This new school was built for a student body of almost double that number.

 The "academic" wing/main entrance

Half of the gym

Inside the main entrance

On the walls above the commons (cafeteria) are pictures from old LHS yearbooks

Half of the chapel


One half of the auditorium

The other side of stained glass in the auditorium.

And (I'm writing this on Sunday afternoon) there's supposed to be severe weather later. As long as there are no tornados - YAY!

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  1. The new building at your high school is lovely! I really love the stained glass in the auditorium! I tear up over everything, so I totally understand needing the bathroom tissue.

  2. Wow!! That's a beautiful new school.

  3. can i tell you how much i secretly love severe weather?
    i get all meteorologist with my doppler radar...

    and contagion was quite a different movie. i did not expect it to be so packed with such known actors and actresses.
    and to imagine it could have all been avoided if someone washed their hands..

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