February 8, 2013

Happies & Crappies

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up 
- I felt like I failed NCLEX after I finished. I didn't know most of the material on the test and got a ton of Select All That Apply questions (which I suck at).
- I woke up Tuesday feeling dizzy and still had to study all day, came home Wednesday from the test with a headache, and woke up Thursday morning with a headache.
- There are almost no Registered Nurse job openings in Rochester. All of them are for NP's, CNA's, and HHA's...all of which I am not qualified to do.
- I started reading Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan. It's all about how she was suffering from this unknown autoimmune brain disorder which no one had heard of, which is linked to schizophrenia, autism, and possibly the actual cause of "demonic possessions" throughout history. SO GOOD! Especially for a medical nerd like me!
- International Delight Iced Caramel Macchiato tastes exactly like Starbucks. Go try it!
- I made a delicious Spinach & Chicken Tortilla Bake for supper Wednesday night. It's from Rachael Ray's magazine and was delicious.
- Oh yeah, and I PASSED NCLEX!!!! Some of you (most of you) probably already know since I posted it on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook right when I found out. Technically, they are unofficial results, but I looked up my name in the Minnesota Board of Nursing License Directory and it says Application Status: Passed Exam 2/06/13!
Therefore, I demand all of you call me Breanna, RN, BAN!!
Muah hahaha! Just kidding :)
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  1. Congratulations on passing the NCLEX!! How many questions did you end up having??

    Also- I have said that if I ever don't work in nursing for any period of time (for whatever reason), I will always pay the yearly fee for renewing my licensure. I have NO desire to ever take the NCLEX again.

  2. congrats! i remember that test... it was awful! never want to have to take it again.