February 26, 2013

Oh Target, My Target

Like every other blogger girl, I love Target. They have everything you could ever need at affordable prices and they always have great clearance. 

With my gift card winnings from giveaways, I took a little trip to the magical land of the bullseye on Saturday morning. Friday night, however, I went online originally to print off a coupon for International Delight Iced Coffee (which is so delish!) and ended up exploring target.com. Well, I found out they have a coupons section on their site and decided to take a gander. Oh my! Why didn't I know about this earlier?!

They have the best beauty coupons! I printed off $1.00 off a Maybelline product and $1.00 off a Suave product.

I had been thinking about getting some Dry Shampoo the past few weeks because my hair gets super oily if I don't wash it everyday, but that's so bad for your hair. I thought I'd give dry shampoo a try to see if it cuts down on some of the oily-ness.

Well, they had Suave Dry Shampoo for $2.99 and with my $1.00 off, I got it for $1.99 for a pretty big bottle!

I also picked up another Maybelline Baby Lips, thinking I was going to use my other coupon on this.

That is until I came across the makeup clearance that they always have in between the dog and cat food aisles (I never understood this, by the way...)!

I found my favorite Maybelline Colossal Lash Cat Eyes Mascara that I raved about here on clearance! And not just one, but TWO for $6.98! One is usually $6.29. Plus, I had the $1.00 off so I ended up getting two full-size mascaras for $5.98! 

I also found some Rimmel Long-lasting Stiletto Red nail polish for $1.98 and an NYC Duo Eyeliner for $0.86! I plan on using these as future giveaway items :)


I also got a Skinny Vanilla Spice Latte to drink while shopping, which made the trip that much more sweet!

Have you scored any sweet deals at Target lately?

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  1. You are just making me want to go to Target!! That place is an addiction, I swear. I use that same mascara, I loooove it. I hope it's on clearance at my Target too!! Let me know how the Suave is, I use a different brand right now from Walgreens but I don't love it.

  2. now you are making me want to go! I need to print the coupons off.

    by the way I'm giving away a target giftcard on my blog. You should enter!