February 27, 2013

Nursing Wednesday

First of all, I'm guest posting today over at Ashley's blog, Your Girl For All Seasonings. It's all about my not-so-secret frosting recipe that I used on my Valentine's Day cake & it's a good one! Go check it out!
This month's Nursing link-up is all about Birthdays as a Nurse in honor of PAIGE'S BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday girl! Hopefully school isn't to stressful for today!
I thought I would recap my birthdays for each year I was in nursing school. It was always a little weird because I am two years older than almost everyone in my class. So they would always have to ask how old I was. 
2009 aka my 21st birthday: I was still only taking my prerequisite classes to get into the nursing program; you know: anatomy, chemistry, physiology. The usual. Unfortunately, my 21st birthday fell on a Thursday. Normally, this would be a good thing at Luther as you could go out the night before and sleep in the next day because classes didn't really start until 11am. However, on Friday, I had a big Human Anatomy lab test. So I spent my 21st birthday studying. I celebrated with two bottles of wine and a movie with some of my friends that Saturday.
Also, everyone in my class was either 18 or 19 at this point. So since I was 21, you can only imagine... 
2010 aka my 22nd birthday: I specifically remember that this was a Friday and it was rainy and dreary outside. Also, I only had one class (Nursing) so I spent the day relaxing with my roomies. We went out for burgers and beer for supper & rented a movie and had cake. 
2011 aka my 23rd birthday: This year my birthday finally fell on a Saturday. I celebrated with a little dessert and drinks party with my nursing class the night before. Then, I went out for dinner with my mom, sister, and aunt on Saturday night to celebrate. 
2012 aka my 24th birthday: Oh Monday birthdays. Not the best, but this one ended up being awesome. Unfortunately, I had Community Nursing clinical bright and early at 8am. However, we got done a little early! I made treats to bring to my class because I was feeling generous. I spent the night ordering in pizza and watching Dancing with the Stars. And I got to go home the next afternoon for Thanksgiving Break!
I always feel so bad for my patients having to spend their birthdays in the hospital. Last year, one of my patients actually had the same birthday as me! And I had him the day before our birthday (November 18th). So I made sure I could cheer him up as much as possible while I was with him. I always try to spend at least a few minutes just talking with my patients about their lives and trying to get their mind off of all the medications, procedures, and other hospital stuff. But I think I gave this guy a little extra attention just to make his day a little brighter :)

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  1. How sweet of you to cheer up your birthday buddy! :) And what a nice post. Glad to be your newest GFC follower.