July 9, 2014

Oh hi

Remember me? The blogger who hasn't posted since June 3rd. No?

I'll be the first to admit that I don't blame ya: I am a slacker and just haven't had any motivation or creative thoughts for blogging. Which is not to say that I'm "over it" and no longer enjoy it. Because I still absolutely love it and still identify myself as a "blogger". I just couldn't face a blank white page because I didn't know what to write. I feel like a lot of the bloggers I love are having this sort of crisis recently, which makes me feel a little better. I guess you just have to pop that screen up and write whatever comes to mind AKA TODAY'S POST.

 Literally, right now. Boy Meets World, open windows and doors, iced coffee, and blogging time.

I thought I would update you all on my summer so far because I have been busy. Literally, almost every weekend throughout June and July, I have had something going on: either work or fun activities.

What my summer has included:

Surprise birthday party

My Grandma turned 85 back in the middle of June and we all planned a big surprise party for her.

Rain. Buckets of it.

We have gotten so much rain this summer. The Mississippi River was above flood stage and we were under a Flood Warning for practically a month. Lake Winona (across the street from my apartment) was super high. There was a ton of sitting water in the baseball fields and park across from my place. Oh and did I mention that our work parking lot floods no matter how much it rains? So basically this is what was outside our employee entrance for the longest time:

 Happy Summer! To: Me, From: Me.

I bought myself.....wait for it......an iPad Mini! They were like $100 off or something crazy like that at the beginning of June at Target and I knew I needed to get one. Since, ya know, I have a steady income now. Unfortunately, the Target in Winona and both Targets in Rochester were all sold out because everyone and their mother had the same idea as me. This is where the wonderful world of ad match at Walmart comes in.

I absolutely LOVE my iPad. I find myself turning on my computer maybe once a week (which also is contributing to no blogging) because I can do everything on the iPad and it's more portable and easier to use (and faster!).

Sipping that pimp juice

...or iced coffee. Whatevs. Everytime I go back to Rochester, I need to get my favorite coffee: Moka! They have some in La Crosse (like a half hour drive from Winona), but no car = no Moka for Breanna. They also just opened a Dunkin' Donuts in Rochester last week, which is the first one in Minnesota since 2005. I had to see what everyone is talking about when they say the coffee drinks are delicious and they did NOT disappoint. Super cheap for the amount you get and super tasty. And I treated my family to donuts cause I'm just that sweet.

I've become addicted to coffee-house drinks and walked 20 minutes each way to go down to Mugby Junction for some yumminess. Let's just say....I think I'll stick to going to Target for Starbucks.

 I think Moka's pretty cool too.

Here's comparison drinking for ya: Mugby Junction's large iced mocha with carmel is 20 oz for $5.13 with tax. Dunkin' Donuts medium iced carmel swirl latte is 24 oz for $3.29 with tax. AKA MUGBY IS A RIP OFF and letsbehonest not that good. #coffeesnob

Work it

I've also been working a lot. I've had some crazy long stretches lately so having a day off today is awesome. I've been working as a registered nurse now for a little over 3 months and I can still say that I love my job, I love my co-workers (most of the time!), and I love what I do (even though some people are crazy). I finally feel in the swing of things and, even though I sometimes still have questions, I know what I'm doing more often than not. Of course, I still have those days where I am over it and do not feel like dealing with people and putting a smile on my face and working. Everyone has those days though and I just push through and make it by venting with my co-workers. 

One of our providers had Dairy Queen decorate this ice cream cake and brought it for us a few weeks ago.


I've been going home every single weekend that I don't work because I've had stuff going on! Surprise party, Fourth of July last weekend, vacation this weekend, Charlie Worsham concert the last weekend in July, Thomas Rhett concert the last Thursday of July. After work this Friday afternoon, I am home free for vacation until next Thursday afternoon. That's 5 1/2 glorious days of no work, shopping in a town with actual places to shop (sorry Winona, but it's true), and spending time with family. On Monday we're making a trip down to Decorah (my college town). I haven't been back there since May 2013 for the pinning ceremony, so it will be nice to spend time around town and on campus. Living in a college town like Winona makes me miss Luther so much sometimes!

New & much needed hair

View at dusk from my apartment balcony.

So that was a long-winded update on my life over the last month. Any questions?

Hopefully I keep up a more routine blog posting schedule?

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  1. Missed you around here! Sounds like you're having a great summer though! I'm seeing Thomas Rhett and a bunch of others on the 26th up in Cold Spring for Fire Fest and I can't wait!

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