June 3, 2014

Friends: The Post-Grad Dilemma

I have a totally legit question for all you college graduates out there: how in the heck do you make friends after college? This doesn't make me sound like a complete loser, does it?

In college, everyone is desperate for a group of new friends. You become close to your roomies, the other people who live on your floor, and people in your classes. You become friends with their friends and soon develop a close knit circle that stay with you for those 4 (or more) years.

Then you throw those hats up in the air and are left to your own devices.


Most of the time, you end up working in a different town from those friends you made. You enter a workplace where friendships have already been established or the people you work with are much, much older than you. Married, kids in high school or college. Or just becoming parents.

Nothing you can relate to.

So how do you develop new friendships outside of relying solely on those college friends who are no longer a 5 minute walk away at all times?

Don't get me wrong: I love my co-workers. They make going to work fun.

But they're all at a different life-stage than I am and I can't really relate. They're in their 30's-60's and they all have kids and/or grandkids, are married. They're all from around the town I work in.

I'm not married, not dating, don't have kids, am only 25, am a new nurse, from a different city.

So back to the question: how do you make friends after graduation? How do you make friends outside your work? Did you or do you have this problem?

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  1. I have this exact problem. I honestly didn't make many (okay, any) friends in college that were worth keeping in touch with after school, mainly because I strongly disliked my program/school. Now I find myself out of school and after moving away for all of last year, my home-town friends and I aren't really on the same page and many have just kind of... forgotten about me as a friend, essentially. In ways that can't seem to be repaired. Now I'm wondering how I'm ever going to make new friends!

    My boyfriend has oh so graciously offered to share his friends with me (he was super annoyed at how my so called friends were acting towards me/us when we did hang out with them, as was I) and I've met a few people through his friends- aka he forced a double date & the girlfriend is actually pretty awesome. That's about all I've got so far- maybe some of your co-workers have daughters (or even grand-daughters) around your age! Or perhaps there are some fellow bloggers in your area that you could meet up with :)

  2. I don't have this problem as I am only just starting my second year in uni.. but I just wanted to say that your post is great for those who are in the same predicament.. and I just wanted to also say well done for all you've done and thankyou for all the hard work you do being a nurse.