August 20, 2014


And a month and a half later......

I have gotten so bad at blogging and that is NO BUENO! I always think about typing out a post, but, like before, can't think of anything I want to blog about. My life is pretty boring so there's no adventures of flying across the US to meet with friends (although this may happen, keep reading), no blind dates (although if you know a single guy....), no drunken escapades. Seriously, boring.

But since I haven't updated you all on my life since the beginning of July, I figured I should do that since the last month has actually been a lot of fun.

I've had an extended vacation back home, a trip back down to Decorah & Luther College, two outdoor country music concerts, two trips to county fairs, lots of shopping, lots of working.

Trip to Decorah


Betsy Johnson handbag.
Nine West heels
American Rag vest (looks SO GOOD over maxi dresses!)

Old Navy shorts

The last four items came from my newest addiction, Poshmark. I have a ton of items liked that I really, really want but I'm trying to exhibit a little self-control and not buy them.

County Fairs/Country Music Concerts

I went to both the Olmsted County Fair and the Freeborn County Fair. Thomas Rhett was playing in Albert Lea, MN at the Freeborn Cty Fair and he was SO GOOD. Highly recommend seeing him in concert if you get the chance.

So basically I ate too much fair food and drank too much beer throughout the month of July....

Also in July, Charlie Worsham played a free concert for Down by the Riverside in Rochester.

Story behind the pictures: we got down to the park and it was sunny. Concert started. 10 minutes later, the sky opened up and it started sprinkling which then turned into a downpour for like 5 minutes. We were soaked, but Charlie continued to play and we stayed in our seats. So much fun!

And, yes, we used our one and only umbrella to cover up our purses. Priorities here, people.


I glitterized my empty wine bottles and made an old pair of jeans into a skirt.


Still have those absolutely CRAZY DAYS where you just need to go home, sleep, and not think about anything. Still love my job and my co-workers (who tried to find this blog last night, UNSUCCESSFULLY. Investigative FAIL.)


Best part of this summer and going home so much was all the puppy cuddles. I miss my baby!

This was outside my apartment building at the end of July. Seriously, my neighbors are whack and this place is becoming more sketchy.

Went through a box of my elementary school stuff.

Wine + candle + Lifetime Movie Network.

I received a $15 rebate for FishEye Wine from BzzAgent (um, they obviously know me too well), so I ended up paying a whopping $1.50 for this huge box of wine. And, let me tell you, it is YUMMY!

Oh, I almost forgot. That trip across the US to go see friends. Two of my absolute best friends since the 9th grade recently moved out to Colorado. I miss them like crazy and need to plan a trip out to see them sometime in the (hopefully near) future. So maybe I'll have some crazy last minute trip to update you all on!

Finally, I also updated my books page with what I've been reading + I've added a TON of new clothes to my Tradesy page to sell (to make up for all the buying!), so go check out my page here.

So that has been my summer in a quick, to-the-point recap since the beginning of July. What have you all been up to?

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  1. Nice job on the glitter wine bottle! So pretty! Free concerts are so much fun! Sounds like you are having a fun summer!