May 22, 2014

Life Update

I am horrible at blogging.

I have plans to write a post about "real life" friends and acquaintances finding your blog posts & everyone and their mother reading and sharing a post. This happened to me last week with my post about Luther.

I read Erin's post the other day about how she hasn't been blogging much lately because she has been busy with life and blogging is something she would do to replace things she didn't want to do. This is me. I blogged a TON, almost every day, over the past year and a half. During that time, I was jobless except for nannying part time and didn't really have anything else to do. Blogging was my go-to.

Now, I have a part time nursing job + living on my own and keeping up an apartment, bills, etc and I've found that sitting down in front of a blank screen to write a blog post is the last thing I want to do after a long shift.

I still do love blogging though.

Today, it is a beautiful 70 degrees with a light breeze. The sun is shining & there's not a cloud in the sky.

I work 4-8pm tonight.

My friend from nursing school who works in North Carolina  (& whose hometown I work/live in now) was home visiting this past week, so she came over today and we caught up on life. I haven't seen her in one year and we picked up right where we left off. It's amazing how much we've both grown as nurses. We walked down the street to the drive-in diner and then walked by the lake.


I'm going home tomorrow night after work for a long weekend. I don't work Memorial Day and I don't work until 4:30pm on Tuesday, so I'm staying home until Monday night. I even bought my dog & cat presents to bring home with me because I miss them SO FREAKIN MUCH!

I expect to do lots of shopping, lots of coffee drinking, and lots of hanging out and I can't wait.

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