May 14, 2014

40 Things You May or May Not Miss About Luther College

I was reading The Life of Bon last week one day and she did a post about things you would miss if you went to BYU. I had fun reading it (even though I didn't go to BYU) and reminiscing about the things I missed about Luther. Because I've been missing it a lot lately! It's been almost one whole year since I've been to Decorah - the longest stretch of not being there.

So I know this list doesn't really apply to or resonate with anyone who reads this blog (except maybe my fellow MN Blogger and Luther alum, Katie!), but I hope this makes you reminisce back on college.

1. Whippy Dip tornadoes. Better than any other ice cream.

2. The big tree in the center of campus lit up for Christmas.

3. Figuring out the perfect dinner time to beat the rush of choir students -- especially during Christmas at Luther rehearsals.

4. Going down to the Miller/Dieseth lounge to print something only to find the printer broken, jammed, or out of paper and having to trek all the way to the library.

5. Having to barricade yourself in the corner desk in the basement of the library to get anything accomplished come April.

6. "Studying on the library lawn" aka bringing your books and a blanket and gossiping with your friends while tanning.

7. Nutty Irishmen & Marty's cookies = sugar. rush.

8. Someone is always singing no matter where you go.

9. Avoiding the SPO on Valentine's Day.

10. Saturday nights may consist of Roscoe's and Subway.

11. Knowing not to wear nice shoes to 'scoes.

12. Naked Soccer. It still exists.

13. Corner Bar Long Islands + darts

14. Dorian = avoid campus like the plague

15. Choose your seat in the Koren 2nd floor classroom wisely when it is sunny out - the blinds never work.

16. Old School Luther grads: the ramps in Valders. Enough said.

17. Sneaking food out of the caf and handing it to your friend who's waiting outside the gate.

18. Waffle cone + hot fudge + crushed oreos + mint soft serve ice cream = best caf night

19. Living in the ice cream room in Ylvi = always a mess.

20. Trout Fry: you know exactly what to bring.

21. Hint: it isn't fish, french fries, or anything used to fry food.

22. Sunnyside = best cinnamon rolls. 8am classes aren't so bad if they're in the CFA.

23. Caf trays = more than just for holding food. Even college students like sledding.

24. Hanging out at your prof's house for lefse making/grill outs/babysitting their kids.

25. Willing to wait in line for 45 minutes for a fancy brunch on Sundays.

26. You'll probably never live anywhere called "Dirty D" ever again. At least I hope not.

27. Going shopping either means a trip to Walmart or traveling an hour and a half up to Rochester.

28. If you're friends with a freshman nursing major, basically don't talk to them until January.

29. J-term = hanging out with friends and having fun....oh and going to a 2-3 hour class everyday.

30. "The Bench" - no explanation needed.

31. Orange Day in the caf.

32. T-bocks for beers and a peanut butter cheeseburger on a Friday night.

33. Never will you see a more beautiful sight while watching a football game.

34. Deer & "Nubby" the tail-less squirrel = everyone's pets.

35. Main is always giving you the middle finger.

36. Wishing Main would burn down in another fire. Hey - it happened twice already!

37. Going to Olsen in the icy winter months requires great skill.

38. Paideia. We all feel for you, freshman.

39. Comedy Sportz, Jim Wand the hypnotist, and a movie on the library lawn = first week back to school tradition.

40. Being serenaded by cute boys singing acapella.

Man, I really miss Luther!!

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  1. Ohhh, I just re-lived so many good memories. I'm happy to say that I knew exactly what you were talking about for all 40. I had a tornado and pb cheeseburger just a few weeks ago! I still think about the nutty irishman. And the ice cream room, ahhh those poor people.

  2. It's been a few years since I've been back to Luther for anything...I think the Union was just about finished the last time I was there. I was there during the era of in-room smoking (that was outsed by the time I was a senior), pre-renovation Brandt/Ylvi/Larsen, the opening of Baker Village, and the first year the CFA...

    I miss orange day. And the crispitos. And the cream of chicken and wild rice soup on Sundays. I miss Marty's milkshakes, the C-store, and my table in the library. Yes, I had a whole table because I had that many books and my laptop and my notebook...

    The Valders ramps were great. The walk up from the Regents parking lot? Not so great. Subway at 2am on a Friday night/Saturday morning? Priceless.

  3. #4 only to find that the whole lounge area is full of sleeping Dorian students. I had my computer secretly hooked up the those printers from my room so it worked great. And naked Olympics on the track...And who can forget the caves? Or Frisbee?

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