May 6, 2014

A Peek in My Purse

Back at the end of January, I found a perfect black purse on clearance at Old Navy that I had to have. It literally goes with everything.

See? Perfect.

To be perfectly honest, I just cleaned it out because, like most women, my purse becomes a black hole of everything I decide to throw in there.

I have a few things that I always keep with me however:

 1. Wallet. My very messy wallet. Contents include old receipts, the warranty for my microwave (oops?), some cash, a debit card, Starbucks card, checks, insurance card, and all the normal stuff.

2. My May Book: Being a nurse, my work schedule is never the same, so I always keep this handy to check what days I work & what I have going on. Also to keep track of when bills are due because I am horrible at remembering!

3. Keys, duh! This gets me into my apartment, my mailbox, my storage unit, and my bike lock.

4. A book. Currently about to read "Until the Next Time" by Kevin Fox. I usually keep this around for when I'm working because there's always a little bit of down time.

5. LIP GLOSS. Literally this whole zip case is full of movie & concert stubs and about a billion different lip makeup.

6. Glasses. Because I am blind, I always carry a pair of glasses handy. Because if I'm ordering something at a coffee shop or need to see something, I'm most definitely going to need these.

7. Rescue Mask. I am a nurse after all.

What's in your purse? And please tell me yours is messy like mine.

This post is a collaboration with Credit Card Insider.

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  1. You have cute things in your purse! My purse is ridiculous and full of crap that I probably don't need. Who needs 50 receipts? Apparently, I do!