March 10, 2014

A New Chapter

By now, you all know about my job search travails. If not, long story short: I graduated with my Bachelors degree in Nursing in December 2012. I took (& passed) my NCLEX in February 2013. Since then I have submitted hundreds of job applications to many different hospitals & clinics and have gone on almost a dozen interviews with no offers.

As of the end of February, that has changed! The last week of February, I was offered a part-time Registered Nurse position in the Urgent Care Clinic in a small-ish (college) town about 50 minutes away from my hometown. My brother and sister both go to school in that town, so I have people I know there (at least until summer comes).

I went down last Tuesday and looked at two apartments and returned to sign my lease yesterday. The apartments in Winona are older, so it's by no means a gated community with a pool, work-out room, and super updated anything. But it is big for a 1 bedroom apartment and the rent is super cheap and it is literally 150 feet from my new job.

Speaking of my job, I'm super excited about getting to practice what I went to school for. I am also extremely nervous because I feel so out of practice. I haven't had a patient since November 2012. I'll be triaging, rooming patients, working with the roomed patients, starting IVs, etc. 

In addition to all this apartment hunting, furniture buying, moving drama, my sister is in surgery right now to have her gall bladder removed. Our family likes a little excitement every now and then.

I'll leave you with some apartment pictures from yesterday. We cleaned a little bit and dropped off some stuff. They are currently in the midst of fixing the oven/stove and replacing the bathroom floor, so don't mind the toilet just laying in the hallway!

Front door with an area to take shoes off/hang up coats

One side of the living room. There's a small deck off the front.

Living room/dining room

Living room

Looking from living room into dining room/kitchen/bedroom

One half of the bathroom where they removed the toilet



Walk-in closet. I can now fit all my clothes! Ha!


You can bet there will be before and after pictures!

 photo Sig_zpsd9daa49c.png


  1. Congrats on the new job! Being in a new town is always exciting, so I hope you enjoy it!!

  2. Yep. And these are the kind of things you can only await with bated breath. What's left now is to make the place worthy of anticipation. While there are limits to what you can do beforehand, it does help to start early, and it further endears you to the place in the process. I hope it's going to be an awesome stay. Cheers!

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