March 18, 2013

Weekend in Review

I really should not be allowed to be a blogger. Even though this weekend was a blast, there are no pictures. Maybe if someone buys me a nice camera? :)

Friday afternoon, my mom, Hannah, & I went shopping at Dots. This used to be my favorite store & I used to always find something here, no matter what. I must be getting old or something because now everytime I walk in there, I can never find anything. It all just seems so young-ish!

Although, I did find a pair of knee high boots on clearance for $13 down from $33. But, alas, it was not meant to be, as they were a bit too snug in the calf.

Then we went out to a new consignment shop here in Rochester called Clothes Mentor. They have the best purses! I finally bought the pink leather CMC wallet I had been eying for $15 and am so glad I did!

We got a call from my Aunt & Uncle while we were shopping to see if we wanted to go out for 2-4-1 tap beers & 1/2 price apps at Wildwood Room. Um, yes please!

Their Chicken Nachos are the best in town. And I may or may not have drank 2 Honeyweiss'. I never finish a second beer with dinner. Needless to say, I was quite buzzed. We then stopped by my other aunt's house & indulged in another beer before I called it a night.

Saturday morning, Josh & I took my grandma grocery shopping. We then headed out to Target to go shopping for my mom's birthday present (Her birthday is March 29th). You know a Starbucks trip had to be done too! I also bought Chobani Bites Coffee with Dark Chocolate & Raspberry with Dark Chocolate. This was the first place I've found them in Rochester & I've been dying to try them. Plus, they were on sale! 

Saturday night, Josh & I went to let my aunt & uncle's dog out & then I just hung out and read the rest of the night. And ate my Praline that Hannah brought me back from New Orleans. Yum.

Sunday morning, my mom made some of the Beignet mix that Hannah brought back. De-freaking-licious!

We brought Hannah back to Winona on Sunday afternoon & then I didn't do much the rest of the day :)

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