March 4, 2013

Weekend in Review

So if I didn't take any pictures of my weekend, does that mean it never happened?

Friday afternoon I ran a few errands: library, bank, post office.
That is all.

Saturday morning I went grocery shopping with my mom to the new store in town: Fareway. We also stopped by two new consignment shops in town: Plato's Closet and Clothes Mentor. Love Clothes Mentor! My mom found a Vera Bradley purse for $18. We also found a beautiful Coach purse for $54, but didn't get it. And I also found a pair of Silver jeans for $22 and a Liz Claiborne wallet $12. I should have splurged, but my adult tendencies took over and I decided to forego spending my only money. Seeing as I am still unemployed.

I also applied for another job! Mayo just opened up a supplemental nursing position at the skilled nursing facility in town, so I thought, why not?

Saturday afternoon, my cousin who is closest in age to me (31) came over. We knew she is having a baby (Due July 18th; both her and her husband's birthdays are in July as well!) and we found out it's a girl! The first girl cousin since 2006! Yay!

Saturday night, I went over to my BFF Beth's with Sarah and we hung out, acted fancy with cheese, crackers, and grapes, and watched the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Beth has a big landing at the top of her stairs with a couch and we hooked up the projection screen to the DVD player and watched the movie projected on the wall.

Just for kicks, here's our "Sisterhood" + 1 extra when it was Movie Star Day our junior year of high school:

 Caitlin = Bridget, Beth = Lena, Sarah = Tibby, Me = Carmen

It's actually scary how similar we are to our characters.

Yesterday, I went shopping for a bit with my Grandma and started reading Shawn Johnson's "Winning Balance". It's really good so far!

I really should remember to take pictures more often.


  1. It just so happens that:
    a) I'm from Minnesot
    b) I'm 24
    c) My name is Brianne
    d) I love country music
    e) I moved down south
    f) One of my roommates from college works at the Mayo...
    ...oh yeah & I follow you now!

  2. the winning balance book is pretty good.

    i'm a new follower.