March 10, 2013

Sunday Social

Sunday Social 
What is one movie you are terrified to watch?
I will never watch Snakes on a Plane. Or any movie about snakes for that matter. Just typing the word gives me the heebie-geebies. I would probably need to be taken to the hospital if I did.
I also really want to watch the Paranormal Activity movies because I really do love scary movies, but I haven't gotten the courage to watch them yet. I'm a scaredy-cat.
 P.S. I just googled Paranormal Activity to find this picture & I'm kind of wishing I hadn't.
What is one TV show you have always wanted to get into but haven't yet?
Friday Night Lights! I love high school football and I've heard this show is awesome. It's in my Netflix queue, but I haven't started it yet.
What is one daring activity on your bucket list?
Well, if I use the short bucket list from last week: shoot a gun.
Would you ever travel alone?
If it was for business or something sure, but I'd much rather do it with a few friends! It's more fun!
What activities do you like to do alone?
Read, Blog, go for a walk, shop (sometimes)


  1. Oooh I forgot that I wanted to shoot a gun sometime too...I should someday write an actual,bucket list haha

  2. Friday Night Lights is the best! You'll love it! Just wish the series would've lasted longer.

    Have a great Sunday!

    -- Emily @

  3. tv show would be Downtown Abby

  4. I love these posts! It always helps to get to know one better!!! Yes, I am a big chicken about snakes and planes so I could never watch that one. Friday night lights is awesome:) (I grew up not far from Midland Texas where all that started:)

    And I do need a bucket list but I am kinda retired from shooting guns and such so I can scratch that one off:)) LOL

  5. OOo I have never seen FNL either! I forgot how popular that was. Netflix queing now!

  6. Oh my goodness, Paranormal Activity is terrifying. It's on my list. And I love scary movies too... I don't know why I torture myself!

  7. oh gosh i LOVE friday night lights. i'm in season 3 right now. such an awesome show. i'm already sad and i'm not done with it yet.