March 8, 2013

Happies & Crappies

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up 
- We are planning on taking a trip over to Winona on Saturday afternoon since my sister gets back from New Orleans at 5pm on Saturday and her school will technically still be on Spring Break. We were going to stay overnight in her room (freshman year of college, deja vu much?). The weather isn't looking so good - possibly another storm. Boo. If it is bad weather, we're not going.
- I can't figure out whether I want to repaint my room this summer or not. It's still yellow with light blue sponge on it from...oh....7th or 8th grade? It's a lot of work though. And I hate painting. And my dresser and desk are super heavy. Not to mention that my desk is so big, it would have to be taken apart. And since I bought it from a former Luther student, it didn't come with directions.
- Shoveling 10 inches of snow on Tuesday morning was not my cup of tea. Living in Minnesota sucks sometimes.
- Spending time with some of my BFF's Saturday night was fun.
- I applied to a nursing job that opened up at Mayo!
- Little Big Town concert is exactly 2 weeks from today! Expect a full recap!
- My first Notes on Nursing feature was yesterday (Thanks Misty!) and I have more people lined up!
How was your week?


  1. Good luck on the new job! The snow reference gives me the chills. Brrr! We lived in WI for four years and the shoveling was not a fav of mine. Stay warm :)

  2. Oh I hope you get the job at Mayo!!! How exciting!

    I had a rough week. I'm looking forward to smoother days.

  3. Crossing my fingers for the Mayo job!

    & to say I'm jealous of the LBT concert, well, that would be a HUUUGE understatement!