November 20, 2012


I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving week/weekend. I probably won't be posting while I'm home because I want to soak in every moment of relaxation with family and my babies.

On a more Christmas-y note, I've already put all my Christmas songs on my ipod & have already planned out some gifts for family!

Also, since I'm feeling extra Christmas-y, if you want a little hand written Christmas note/card from me, please e-mail me your address to and I will send you one! It probably won't be shipped until the week before or the week of Christmas though because APPARENTLY I have these little thing called finals that I have to study for...

But I love giving notes to friends so if you want one, let me know :)


  1. I'm right with ya - SO excited for Christmas and all things that come with it!

  2. Oh my goodness the handwritten card-- so sweet. Happy Holiday Season to you.


    Stopping by to follow ya from the Monday link up. How sweet it is to discover another beautiful blogging voice. We are riding the wave of life at Local Sugar Hawaii and I would so love it if you'd join us for the fun. The door is always open for ya, stop by anytime, if you please.