November 27, 2012

Instagram Dump

Man, I am getting bad at this whole blogging thing. I promise to improve a bunch for sure by the time I am done with school IN 2 WEEKS! (What?!)

Yes, that's right folks, after 5 1/2 years (11 semesters) of college, I will FINALLY be DONE! Our nursing pinning ceremony is Saturday and our class is having one last hurrah together that night so you can bet there will be pictures.

But to catch you up on my life lately, I thought I would do a picture vomit of all the instagram pics I've taken in the past week or so!






1. I got my hair color done over Thanksgiving Break & my stylist curled my hair. I never can get it to curl right!
2. Giving away condoms outside the cafeteria for Community Nursing.
3. My pink extension that I LOVE!
4. This ECG strip haunted me for a good week before I could figure out what it was.
5. How I spent my birthday weekend: finishing big assignments & painting my nails.
6. The big tree lit up in the middle of campus.
7. My sweet puppy was so excited I was home for break!
8. My baby: My huge senior paper I worked so hard on - Tailoring Childbirth Education to Pregnant Adolescents.

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