October 8, 2012

Weekend in Review

 Friday I had class until 1:15pm and then a couple of my nursing classmates and I met for our weekly NCLEX study group. I worked on my Community Nursing lesson plan for Wednesday and added a little bit to my healthcare debate outline (BTW, just found out yesterday, we will be going up to the front of the class individually and "facing our opponent"....did I mention I hate debates?) 
My roomies and I also had a little Fiesta Friday with tacos and margaritas and the night may or may not have ended with a couple of us doing the "wobble". 

HOMECOMING! Two of my best friends and Luther alumni, Megan and Brittany, came down to celebrate and we had a blast! We went to the parade downtown and one of the retired college administrators was handing out a red solo cup with a zip-lock bag inside that said this:


Luther is known for it's "Naked Soccer" at the end of year. We definitely attended our senior year! 
We also went to the book shop and hung out in Marty's Cafe for a little lunch. It was FREEZING (like 40*), but we still attended the football game. Luther has a beautiful view over the football field.


Needless to say, we lost 29-0. Womp womp womp...
We also went out to T-bock's for dinner and drinks. Burger, fries, and 2 pitchers of beer later, we were SO FULL!


We also went out for a drink at Corner Bar, but it was filled with a lot of the older alumni and townies - including one drunk lady celebrating her 50th birthday with three men and they were extremely disgusting.

I woke up early so I could work on my Med/Surg lecture, debate, and find an article or two for my senior paper. I got all that plus my laundry done before Megan and Britt woke up. They finished getting their stuff together and we went out for a huge breakfast at Family Table. I spent the rest of yesterday finishing my debate outline and catching up on Dancing with the Stars. 

Tonight I have my E.R. rotation. Nervous!

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  1. I'm really enamored with the "naked uniform" :)
    I'm gonna have to figure out some way to use that in my life!
    <3 Mei