October 5, 2012

Dear Friday...

Thank you for being so freaking wonderful!

Reasons why today rocked:
  • I had my first Same Day Surgery IV Start experience this morning and I got 2 of the 3 IV's!! And the first one that I missed, even my nurse struggled to get in so I didn't feel as bad. You guys - I ACTUALLY PUT IN AN IV!!
  • We talked about vaccinations in my Community Nursing class and I love talking about vaccinations. Especially when it brought us to a tangent on the Law and Order SVU episode with Hilary Duff in it :)
  • Some of my roomies and I are having a Fiesta Friday with tacos and margaritas! Both equally favorites in my book.
  • The weather is finally getting cooler. The high tomorrow is only supposed to be 50. Fantastic Homecoming football game weather!
And despite the fact that I didn't get any coffee today (boo!), I am still in a fantastic mood!

1 comment:

  1. haha YES, I knew you could do it! :) best feeling ever, huh? I still feel that way when it goes in!