September 27, 2012

The Bracelet

I am a BAD BLOGGER! I haven't written at all this week. I have been procrastinating so bad lately and haven't even started researching things for my huge senior paper. The draft is due November 6th - YIKES! I also have a Community Nursing test on Monday and a OB Test on Wednesday plus I have a huge debate on the Affordable Care Act due in 2 weeks. Just writing about it is making me stressed.
I also heard back about the Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program application. I didn't get an interview. I'm not too bummed though, only because it was a long shot in the first place to get a position plus rent is expensive in the area around Vanderbilt and a 2 year commitment is a long time to be away from home for me. I'll be just as satisfied if I get a position at Mayo Clinic. Speaking of, we can start applying for jobs next week. More stress!

Now that all of that is off my chest, I will leave you with a poem I wrote for the Bennington Youth Writer's Scholarship back during my senior year in high school. It's called The Bracelet (and, yes, it is inspired by Nathan & Haley from One Tree Hill. I was still am obsessed.

I accept you as you are
The facades, walls, and foolproof lies
You present me with
A bracelet

Colorful, beaded, and from a box
No thought or meaning intended
Because it was only
A bracelet

I take it, unwillingly
Only because you insist
"Don't say i never gave you anything" but
The bracelet

Time goes by
You change your ways
But one thing that stays the same is
The bracelet

We fall in love
Oblivious to all
Marriage comes and I still have
The bracelet

Troubled paths straight ahead
White lies, long nights, crushed dreams
All while wearing
The bracelet

I leave and you don't follow
You think it may be over
But love is always and forever when I wear
The bracelet

I come back to you
Like we both knew I would
You see my wrist and on it is
The bracelet

We fall in love all over again
Renewed vows and wedding rings
But most of all
The bracelet

I slip it off and give it back to you
"Don't say i never gave you anything"
But you knew I'd given you more than just
The bracelet

Tragedy strikes
Like it always seems to do
You slip away and so does
The bracelet

Lost forever
(or so we think)
Floating through the water is
The bracelet

You go to that spot
The one that holds so much emotion
I come to you and you again give me
The bracelet

Colorful, beaded, and from a box
No thought or meaning intended
And now it is more than just
A bracelet

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  1. If you really like Nashville, check out the HCA hospitals. CMC hires a lot of new grads (I don't know if there is a residency). Even the ICU i worked I'm hired new grads which isn't very common anymore. Skyline may not be considered Nashville, but it is Sri close it might as well be. There is also St. Thomas which is really nice. Once you live directly outside if the city, rent drops dramatically and the commute for a nurse is easy! Honestly we had a lot of Vandy Nurses come to us and love it! Not a teaching hospital per say but great experiences.