September 28, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Community & OB Tests this week,
I will study for you, I promise. But please be kind. Especially Community. Because it's so hard to pay attention in class!

Dear University of Iowa Nursing Grad School, 
I went to your booth yesterday with an open mind because I've heard great things about you. However, your representatives were not very enthused, passionate, or inviting. But thanks for your syringe pen!

Dear University of Minnesota Nursing Grad School,
Your representative was the sweetest and so helpful and reassuring. I still don't know yet if I want to go back to school, but knowing my options makes me feel better.

Dear Box Elder Bugs,
We spent a buttload on bug spray to kill you off since your whole family seems to be living on our front door. You worked for a day and now we have been infested again. It really is digusting.


Dear Monday Night Clinical,
You went exceptionally well this week and I'm hoping you go just as wonderfully next week as well.

Dear Grey's Anatomy,
I chose to watch Glee last night instead of you, but I did sneak a few peeks during the show. Can't wait to watch the whole thing this afternoon!

Dear Senior Paper,
I actually read 3 of the articles I will be using to write you, which is an improvement. However, I still need 10 or so articles, all of which I have been unable to find. Please be easier on me!

Dear Readers,
Don't you just LOVE Starbucks, especially in the fall?! Me too. Go over to my bloggy buddy Sam's blog and enter to win $10 to Starbucks. Or don't. Because I want to win too ;) 

Iced Coffee & Blue Jeans 

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  1. Thanks for te shutout! Missed greys myself, will have to watch it! Good luck on your exams!! :)