August 31, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Luther College Nursing Class of 2013, 
I love you guys so much! My saving grace this semester is that I have y'all to vent to & you understand!

Dear Nursing classes,
You are going to kick my butt this semester! And all you're solo clinicals to random places are making it really hard for me to plan everything out considering I don't have a car & don't drive...

Dear Community Nursing class,
One of your assignments is to have a blog? Well, sure I'll do it! Doesn't even feel like homework! Go check it out:

Dear Ford,
Puppy doggy, I miss you!!!!!! Hearing you howling at a siren while I was on the phone with Grandma made my week.

Dear Baker Village,
You seem forever and a day away from all my classes. The hike back is a pain in the butt, but am I going to have good calf muscles with all that uphill climbing this semester!

Thanks for featuring me on your front page today? I have a gajillion e-mails from people asking to add me on Bloggers, but no new followers through GFC. Hmmm...

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